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new to the subaru world


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Hello all


I have been itching for a Scooby for a few years now, so yesterday I went out and purchased 1 as my daily driver while my real toy is under the knife. Its a wrx bug eye on a 52 plate in very good condition.


mods cat back 3inch into 4 and a induction kit, alloy rad and a on board diagnostics VT  


had it on the ramp today going over it with a fine tooth cone and found I have a faulty actuator, got 1 on order and will be with me Friday, the real bad news its a td04 13T.



So I have a couple of questions. firstly where is the most respectable place to go locally to Birmingham for mapping but not paying a arm and a leg for 1.  Also I am thinking of a de cat system where is the place to go and grab 1 from.  also what kind of power will i see? i am not after big bhp, as i know the bottom end will **** its self! but 250bhp should be enough for my round trip to work.

Also this VT computer is it any good? as when i put it on boost gauge its saying the ecu is requesting 15psi plus but my pod gauge is only saying 0.8bar, now im hoping it is mapped and its losing all the boost due to the actuator being faulty.


any info would be great





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Hi n welcome to soc

Un sure as to whether you're vt computer or boost gauge is giving the correct figures tbo but o.8 bar is normally standard boost on most models so I don't think there's much in it .

You might get a more equal reading once the actuator's sorted as you say .

Mapping wise ecutek licence and remap is normally the cheapest option for your model and most people I know use "jolly green monster" (simon roe) .

Hes tried n tested and will either come to you (road map) or a local dyno (if you want a print out)

I'd imagine with those mods you'd see 260 hp ish with the tdo4 and cats in situ

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