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Is this strut ok?

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I'm new to here so firstly hi everyone!


I'm getting an old Subaru Impreza uk 2000 turbo back on the road after sitting on a driveway for about 4 years. My mechanic skills are entirely self taught and rely on youtube and forums for help when working on different areas. I'm getting the obvious stuff sorted, serviced seized breaks, replace cam belt, water pump and tyres before putting it through an MOT and work on the list they provide (Fingers crossed it isnt too long and major!).


Making good progress so far but after removing the rear breaks and suspension i noticed that the right hand strut had what looks like a crack/gap (as shown in the pics). The 2nd pic shows where i have picked away the loose stuff which im guessing is rusty welding but not sure?


The crack/gap doesnt go all around the top, and isnt at the bottom. Would you say this is knackered and requires replacing?





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