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Radar detectors - Does anybody still use them?


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I've still got and use my BELL Europa Sti radar detector.. dtill goes off every red light camera sensor and tesco sliding door entry


I also use a RoadAngel Gem... :) Its very good, I really use it as my speedo more than anything else. good when you;re in areas you don't know though.

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So guys ,as a well priced decice ,what would you recommend please as I will more than likely invest in one.

I have been surprisingly refunded fully without asking(not got to that stage yet as giving a chance .......just the right thing to do). Got message saying sorry not happy,issued full refund (only £25) but all the same professional.

Touching wood......ok I am clamping it !!! Never had points or speeding tickets,one reason I have decided to get one to be more aware. More so in Wales where the van is and we know there are some nice roads to drive :-) and over keen with speed!

Have an iphone 6+ If any good apps,could just buy a holder!

Was looking at a double din gps but not cheap for a good one......

Worth getting a decent naf sat? (Deliberate and not the iPad ) which has camera locations etc on. Do these pick up mobile units and for example average speed camera that seem to have littered the m60 for example?

Links would be great/appreciated :-)

Or do I just get the head unit and have a neat all in one device(if it has the software for cameras that is)

Just don't want a cluttered dash,case of less is more for me,not a Halfords ram raid of stick on dials ,screens and compasses lol

Cheers all

Ven :-)

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