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Radar detectors - Does anybody still use them?


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I remember years ago a friend of mine had a radar detector of some sort to pick up speed cameras & as I'm about to upgrade from a Bora to an RB320 I wondered if these things are still useful.


From what I can see is there is the Snooper 3Zero or an Escort Redline for the more expensive option. Does anyone use one of these units or have any info they could share?

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From what I hear by the time it's warned you it's already too late. Plus they do give lots of false readings so you'd probably stop paying attention to it after a while.

I have a gps one from a company called BTST (google it). Can update it every day from a database (they say you only need to do it weekly though) of where all fixed and mobile cameras are and will be then warns you when you're in a area/on a road with cameras or that is known for having mobile ones positioned.

It's not cheap and you have to pay a subscription fee for the up to data locations (I pay £3.99 a month). But it works really well and isn't illegal. Only have to worry about unmarked cars on the road then.

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Waze on iphone, navigation and it's a social based thing where you can report accidents and more importantly police, saved me a couple of times going past coppers on amazing back roads on bike and scooby where I can do 5 under before I see them then smile and wave haha

Apologies for the grammar been a log day

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And you report when they're no longer there so you aren't bombarded everytime you go past certain lay-bys for example. Means I pay attention to it


Yeah, thanks I've been using Waze for a few years & it's great. I've not got a phone cradle for my Impreza yet though, it usually just ends up in one of the cup holders so not very useful for waze!

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I have a Brodit clip waiting to fit but not got the holder yet as I know I'll be getting the 6 soon


That's great thanks! In the past I've had things stuck to the windscreen but would rather get something like that to avoid the trailing wires!


I'll have to get one of those clip mounts!

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Had the snooper radar/ laser unit. Used to tell you locations of static traps even if they'd been removed as it seemed however many times you updated it it was never that up to date. Never alerted me to and vans which it was supposed to. So was a bit crap in the end. Cost around 200 quid. In its defence it was 10 years ago.

If Your after a stand alone road angel used to be the best

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I've got a road angel in mine ,well until my brv remembers that he left it in the Shell [emoji4]

I unplugged it as it kept shouting "ROAD ANGEL" whenever you turned the ignition on and getting on the mrs nerves [emoji5]

I'll plug it in over the weekend and see if it's any good [emoji106]

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Well the road angel is "out of subscription" but still warns you about static cameras , accident black spots and possible mobile speed gun locations.

As well as displaying direction(north , south ect) and speed .

I've got a lot of things to concentrate on other than just driving ,so the verbal warnings were useful but slightly annoying (bit like the wife sat next to me)

I'll leave it plugged in for now and see how I get on

Not the best pic but you can get the jist


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I bought one about 10 years ago cos I was on the road all the time and it was crap. Had to switch it to local to stop it picking up shop doors, as scooby Pete said. It picked up the cameras as you went past them. The laser detector used to sound going past the services on the M61 when there was no one there. I think there was also something about the newer windscreens cutting down the sensitivity. Especialy the ones where you had to put your phone aerial behind the rearview mirror, and I believe the !Removed! coppers changed the frequency of the radar which made them even more useless.

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I have the the newest version Snooper Zero4, you need to update it weekly using a computer which is a pain


Its saved me a few times picks up static cameras that my tom tom dont.


The other day i was doing a very intense speed in the 00s and it went off like crazy just before a bend i slammed the breaks and moved into the middle lane, the car that was way behind me who thought he could race me (BMW m3) shot by and there was a police officer with a speed gun.


They wont detect the gun on flats or on hills due to the range being 200 meters because the officers now point it at the road below the sensor where your licence plate is, and when the warning goes off its often too late to do anything.

I have it as an extra security, rather pay £150 for the device and the line rental of £4 a month than be caught out accidently.

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Well i have been trying my pile of *beep* inforad v4e.............what crap


1st would not upload,but credit where due,they sorted it by taking over laptop and uploaded a different driver,all done...........so i thought........

Thought i would test it on a static camera that has only been there about 10yrs..........maybe longer and a big fat nothing :angry: 


Uploaded again on a whim..........went down m60 with all the average speed cameras,been there maybe a year,working from Jan,and again nothing :angry:


So i await more feedback,yes £25 so i guess you get what you pay for, :rolleyes: not giving in just yet! But its not even heavy enough for a paper weight :lol:

Same as........



Before i put a paypal claim in,will give another chance,not replied to my last message on friday,so will give till tue,another message then thats it, Will require sending back to Ireland,already cost £5 so another£5 = £10 out of pocket=not happy.


Tried now 3 times to make sure up to date,had the green lights for searching satellites,then 2 amber to say ready............and thats it :rolleyes:

More principle than the £10.................... :angry:


So if going to but one,buy once cry once and dont do what  I did ,thinking this cheap pile of *beep* will do the job!! :angry:



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Use waze on my phone it's free and shows your most cameras and vans I have never had it miss one.

There is also a free tomtom app that I think lasts 2 years then you have to pay or sign up with a different email address :-D.

It has the full tomtom camera system and shows your your speed and bleeps when a camera or van is coming it also shows your your average speed when your driving in an average speed zone.

Again not bad for free but I haven't fully tested it as most of the time I use waze when I don't know where I am going and if I know where I am going I tend to know the camera spots.


I make Films and Website for people

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