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Watch outs with a 2004 legacy Estate 2.0


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Hi All

New to the world of Subaru and Legacy's so asking a favour if OK?


Off to hopefully purchase a 2004 Legacy at the weekend and need to know if there is anything I need to keep an eye out for. Its got FSH and covered 104k miles.. 2.0 petrol..


Any help or direction to buyers guide would be great





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I've got a 2.0R 2006 Legacy Saloon.


I'm not that mechanically minded, but I'd certainly check under the wheel arches as there is a little lip that collects crap, could be a bit of a rust spot.


Oh and If it is a twin exhaust, have a look from the rear underneath to check the state of the exhaust Y pipe. I know mine needs replacing at some point, which is going to be a whole new exhaust, when i've got the spare cash.


Also, this thread is worth a read.



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