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VIN odd?


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Hi, new here. Now I hope you can all follow this after a few beers lol... try it!




I got a 2007 Impreza WRX with VIN "G" as 6th letter. Does this conform to the usual VIN format?...


It's a legitimate Impreza "Hawkeye" WRX 2.5 - HPI and DVLA advised its ok. It has 4th and 5th VIN letters indicating "GD" to show this is a standard model "Impreza - Sec Gen Sedan" model accordingly, however the GK immediately after GD only makes some sense because the K is for a WRX or STi which is good, but the 6th letter G is questionable.


The engine type is the 6th character. Could the G in position 6 be the "ABCDEFG" 7th letter in the alphabet such that it should be reading 7K instead of GK for a 2500cc AWD turbo which is what the car is?


Can anyone help and advise if they've seen this before? Is it perhaps a typo from when registered new in the UK (2007)? Or is there something about GDGK that makes it some sort of import of the like?


And, to be sure where can I check the VIN on the car please? I don't know where it is... newbie :0) Many Thanks.

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Hello, should be on the n/s strut top little plaque and I'm not sure if applies to newer models it's stamped onto the bulkhead above the intercooler too.

Theres a thread I'll post link to for you if I can find it :-D

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Thanks for the feedback. I can't determine for a 2007 WRX Impreza from the info you've provided unfortuately. I am now more confused lol. My VIN is ...GDGF for my 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5, however the "GF" bit for the WRX model "F" is ok, but the G in front looks odd because it seems the GF should be something like a digit then F, not a letter G then F.


I called Subaru UK and they can't find the VIN. They only list UK models though. It  may be an import (which all Subaru's are anyway they said). Its definitely a legitimate UK registered car with DVLA and HPI checked, and its insured easily with all info provided. I really need to check the VIN when I get the car back from the workshop this week though.

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I just got info from Subaru UK about the GDGK VIN type. It's a Cyprus import and therefore is not listed on any UK Subaru VIN systems. Amazing.


Well, I asked about the recall for the "control arms". Apparently this only applies to steel ones, not aluminium. And because my Impreza is a 57 plate then it may not apply to it anyway... further details pending.


Has anyone had experience of having these control arms replaced?


Recall Ref:


Exact Model:

Forester and Impreza




Build Date:

1 jan 2002 to 31 dec 2008




The front Transverse links (lower Control Arms) may corrode leading to possible breakage if left without treatment.


Either additional rust proofing or replacement of the Transverse links will be performed according to the degree of corrosion.

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