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Radio doesn't tune in or play cd


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Hi mate welcome,

Is the car an import ? If so you may need an adapter to plug into the ariel but that shouldn't stop the cd player working.

Daft question there is power to the unit & there are speakers wired up ? Have you checked the fuae in the bavk of the head unit and in the fuse boxes ?

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Hey thanks for the reply, speakers yes , it is an import (I think not 100%sure) there is a small square plugged thingy looped into the aerial .does this need to go to another cable as it's just looped ? Only one speaker seems to work , it's a ken wood Stereo

Cd loading comes up on screen then spits it out again should it play any disk ?

Top right on unit is a button with lots of Japanese writing does anyone know what this is for ?

Thanks Paul

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Not entirely sure, can you get a picture ?

Sounda like you need an fm band adapter to make it work for uk stations, seeing as to how cheap head units are these days may be easier poping a new one in. Or upgrading to a dab radio.

Do you have a decent independant car Stereo place close to you ? Might be worth them investagating.

Have you any pictures of your car ?

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Hmm, could it be soething to do with the cig lighter not working either maybe a short somewhere ?

Really don't know where to suggest looking next.do you have an alarm fitted ?

Maybe when that was installed they cut or damaged some of the loom behind the centre console ?

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