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Forester exhaust


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Evening all, I'm new to the forum having recently purchased my first Subaru forester 2.0 turbo. After months of searching I have found a fantastic one. However it is need of a new exhaust.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on what type of exhaust to go for? I've been trying to source an exhaust but so far without luck. I am thinking of fitting a stainless steel mid and rear section. Does anyone know where is good for supply.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi mate welcome,

There are a couple of options, any forester mid section up to 2004 should fit not sure about the back box.

Classic impreza ones fit but require some welding to re position the hangers on the back box as the box is a slightly different shape and size,

Heywood & scott do forester cat back systems but they are pricey, and finally powerflow can make you one at one of their franchises nationwide. Not sure about costing though.

Or you could go the whole hog and get one custom made with new cats

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I've had good results on stainless exhausts from Longlife. I've used Plymouth branch.

They discuss what you want:

Part exhaust, cat back etc

Also how loud you want it!

Even the most silent exhaust will have a sharper tone compared to OEM.

I think they give a guarantee for life.

Give them a buzz or chech their website.

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