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1998 terzo impreza occasional loss of power and stalling HELP!!!


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ho there, i'm new to subaru ownership and really should have looked into problem areas before purchasing one.


i have a 1998 turbo 2000 terzo edition and since buying it the car seems to cut out every so often, sometimes the check engine light comes on, sometimes it doesnt.

i have been told it will most probably be a maf problem but i'm seeking more proffesional advice before buying one. also its doing absolutely shocking on fuel i'd say approximately 12-15mpg as the 20 mile round trip to work every day uses 10-15 quids worth of fuel.


any advice would be hugely appreciated and very welcome.


Current MAF is the purple labelled one, i'm running a pipercross panel filter and not to sure of the exhaust but its 3 1/2" dia and cat back.

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Hi mate, welcome sorry to hear about your issues

To see what fault codes are stored in the ecu this is a good start http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2366-Manually-Reading-ECU-Codes

The mpg figure does seem bad if even it it's over fueling I wouldn't expect it to drink that much. I'd check weather theres a leak anywhere, with regarde to cutting out does it do it when driving hard ?

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Hi stants,


Thanks for the reply, when driving hard it loves it, pulls very well all the way through the rev range its mostly when pottering about and not long after starting (hot or cold). beginning to get very annoying very fast as you have to pull over most of the time turn the ignition off, wait 30 seconds, dab the stupid immobiliser, then start it back up and its fine. i thought it may be a dodgy fuel guage at forst so filled her up and still did it. change the fuel filter plugs leads and coil. just dont know what to do next. i'll go out and flash out the codes now and see what that gives me and let you know ;)

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