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Locking rear wheel


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Hi just seeing if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Got my Hawkeye STI a while ago and it's been fine up untill recently. I started getting bad clunking from the rear passenger side wheel that got worse up to the point the wheel was locking and skipping when turning at low speeds even with the dccd set all the way back.

I thought it might be the rear diff so bought another and swapped it out . At first it was fine but after 2 days it's doing the same thing so clearly not the diff.

The clunking is when the car is turning right only at low speed, reverseing, and stopping, beggining to look at the suspension side of things now.

Cars just been MOT and flew through only advisory was roll bar bushes could this be the cause. I don't think it is but I have been wrong before.

Any help is welcome cheers

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