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  1. Guys, after emailing every custom exhaust company in Cornwall and Devon I think I have a way forward. I was however wondering if anyone can recommended brands of custom made exhausts (parts) which they have a good knowledge of. I ask this as I know what I'm going to make now, however, I have read loads of threads on here and several different brands have been mentioned. I have the unequal headers sorted, however can anyone recommend a decent high flow cat brand? I have seen Magnaflow high flow cats at a very decent price (200 CPI). Milltek don't seem to have a high flow cat which isn't build into a down pipe so sadly is a no go. Should I be considering any other brands? Secondly can anyone recommended a decent back box, as ATM I have a prodrive on it. I'm going for offensive noise if I'm honest so any thoughts again would be greatly received, I'm going to do a full write up soon as its fitted which will hopefully aid people in the future attempting the R-Sport unequal header pathway. Regards, Rich.
  2. Interesting thanks for taking the time to comment, I was looking at the a pair of Four pots from an STI/WRX and a pair of Two pots WRX/STi (both on ebay) as a direct replacement but now I'm wondering if making the change will achieve anything. How much was the god speed kit? Thanks again for replying.
  3. I have emailed them already buddy and I'm awaiting a reply. I'm a big believer in admin so to speak, and hopefully that will show up with a reply, thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I appricate it. As for Plymouth it's not super far. I will give then a Google search now. Regards, Rich
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm of the opinion that they may need looking at because even the simplest of braking feels fade like. Even when cold and no other braking has occurred But then I also drive serval other cars and I'm worried that I may be expecting too much from them. I do like the idea of a brake upgrade I'm just worried that won't fit. Regards.
  5. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If anyone has upgraded a non turbo braking system before any information would be greatly appricated. And I have looked already at the disc sizes for both systems (non turbo and wrx sti) they appear in my modle year to both be 266 and 277. Again any knowledge would be greatly appricated. Regards. Rich
  6. Jay thanks for taking the time to reply buddy, I hear what you're saying about back pressure, it could indeed be a problem in the NA engine, and I also hear what you're saying about back pressure post turbine in turbos, plus with hot and cold the pressure difference is always going to provide a good back pressure because that is a how a turbo functions, its always going to be greater than ambient, my thoughts to combat this thought was to just use a performance cat whilst removing all other flow bottlenecks? Any thoughts on that? I will admit I'm not completely in the dark here in relation to such things, as I have six motors or various BHPs but I have to admit I have never placed an unequal header before on an engine which has been fundamentally designed to run with an equal header length on it. Scary times indeed. My ideal currently is that standard equal headers on the car currently has both the AFR and 02 sensor living in the header area (as that's where the first cat lives also), the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) sensor lives there (before the cat), then its the first Cat and then the 02 sensor (known as the Lambda) after the cat, this is so the car knows what products its pumping out to air. This is where potentially things will get messed up in relation to fuel and unburnt products remaining in the camber (if the back pressure isn't scavenging that correctly) for it to all exit as it currently does with the equal headers. My aim is to fit a unequal header, with the AFR in it still as before (before the cat), then a high flow cat (to ensure flow is still keeping things moving) and then as previously (and as it should be), have the oxygen sensor just after the high flow cat. This should in my brain mean I don't need a remap, or to delete anything from the ECU, (I stress in my brain that this works in theory). Any thoughts? Thanks for your time man. Regards, Rich.
  7. Team after selling my impreza back in 2015 I have returned to the fold. I now have an R sport 2.0L non turbo hawkeye model year 07. It sadly curentnly only has an equal manifold on it, I have the parts in mind to change this situation, however I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent custom exhaust fitter within Cornwall or Devon. I'm aware of the problem adding an unequal header can cause as I don't want to throw any ECU lights up so it may also need a remap. Any advice would be great fully received. Regards Rich.
  8. Happy Birthday supermonkeyballs!

  9. Stanton its been a journey with that car lets put it that way. I knew it was loud when I brought it but I didn't think it was decat, plus it was low so it was hard getting my noise under it. I should of spotted the blanked O2 sensor but to be fair I would of thought it would of been further back on the pipe. It also to my horror once on ramps back home in Cornwall had had the springs cut to lower it instead of lowering springs, and one of the cut edges of the spring had punctured the cup in sits in, so its had new suspension and its also now has a cat. I also had alarm issues which I have now rewired. Now today this 3 bolt issue, but as mentioned 39p later and its all sorted. It just seems to off been run a bit on a shoe string at some point but Im slowly bringing it up to a standard it should be. I have no idea about the remap mate, I didnt have a great deal of paper work with it, what makers you think its been remapped then, as you mentioned you dont know how its running with out it??? is that a factual point that it shouldnt run with out an O2 sensor in it??? And yes for now things are at least quieter (well no doctors drill noise anymore) :)
  10. Savage, not to blow smoke up your bum but you were bang on with what you said! Me and my brother got about the car today and firstly removed the top inter cooler, upon doing this and turning the inter-cooler upside down I found that some Muppet at some point in time thought it would be wise to only have 3 bolts underneath it. The Top Main Inter Cooler should of have four underneath (the four bolts job is to create a seal between the two metal connectors which hold the black Y piece in place). Clearly it should of had four there, plus whoever it was had thought that by shifting both gaskets to the one side, it would mean it wouldn't need a bolt (two bolts per holder) to make up the space in the gap which was created by having a bolt missing. How some people cut corners on what was a 39p bolt is beyond me but after a new bolt being fitted and both gaskets now being in place and sealed as they should of been, the road test showed that the noise is completely gone and everything is running as it should do. I will add I looked at some videos about MAP Sensors, Maff Sensors and O2 Sensors and I actually have to admit that now I know what I'm looking for that my lambda O2 Oxygen Sensor is actually missing. Well its been blanked off and removed, which going along with the fact that the car was de-catted when I first got it, it all makes sense. So now I need to get a new sensor and clear the fault codes and go from there. Thanks everyone for there help. The noise eventually only cost 39p to fix, which has to be a result :) Thanks again Richie
  11. Thanks Stanton, I will have to check that tomorrow now as lights fading. I take it you don't know anything about the 23 Code? Air flow mass meter? Either way thanks for the advice. Richie.
  12. Thank you. Yes its from the film Gladiator, I'm a big fan of the film :) Just hope I can get the turbo issue sorted. Thanks for taking the time to say Hello. Richie.
  13. Right I have fault read the ECU using the green and black connectors and I have the following codes. A No 23 which is a Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit. A No 32, which could be one of 3 (PSB). 32 A/F Sensor #1 System 32 A/F Sensor #2 System 32 Oxygen Sensor Either way its safe to say it has an air flow problem. As for the turbo I drove the car and I tried breaking on the clutch, using the engine to slow down and what I have noticed is that upon dump (dipping the clutch) I can keep the Revs at roughly the same level whilst decelerating the engine on the clutch, then re-engaging the gear, if done quickly the car will be in gear at pretty much the same gearing and speed as previously just for that couple of seconds with no noise, because the dump has released the pressure and stopped the turbo spinning/spooling by dipping the clutch, after two to three seconds (which I think is enough time for re-pressurization) and the turbo to re-spin/re-spool the noise is back, so I think its the turbo. or something connected to the turbo, I have checked all the connecting pipes and have tightened things that looked loose but I found nothing to obvious. What I'm wondering now is how grand in the scheme of things the Mass flow air meter is or these A/F Sensors or the Oxygen Sensor, will that cause adverse wear on the turbo. Clearly I need to get the air flow problem sorted and also, somehow get the turbo sorted. What I have also seen is someone at some point has used sealant instead of a gasket on the turbo. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Right just found a how to guild on here (that shows me not to take peoples word for things about what I can and cant do), so thanks for the point out about the fault reading, I will get on this right now as she's sat out side and I miss driving her. Will post my findings. Thanks again. Richie
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