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  1. Hi all hope everyone is well I recently brought a blobeye impreza wrx wagon with standard 5 speed manual with what I think is a gearbox speed sensor fault car won't rev over 4500 - 5000rpm and speedo not working both signs of speed sensor fault only problem is I can't find the sensor thought it was on top of the gearbox under the intercooler and just in front of the gearbox dipstick but nothing I can't even see any wires going to the top of box can anyone help would be much appreciated many thanks Andy
  2. Hi all I've decided to sell my impreza wagon been set up by Alan Jefferies running about 350 bhp big spec fast and reliable number plate included in sale more info and pics are on ebay looking for £4495 ono any questions just message me cheers Andy
  3. Hi all after a bit of advice I've got a blobeye 2.0 wrx unequal length stainless manifold from a previous scooby I had just brought a 2002 bugeye 2.0 wrx and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it would fit my new bugeye I thought it would but some people have said the bugeye are different can anyone help cheers Andy
  4. Hi mate I would be cautious about going down to a 45 from a 55 the ride you are not happy with could be down to the suspension not the tyres I would see if you could drive another tribeca and see if that does the same the 45 profile could look a bit small in the arches maybe a 50 would be a compromise hope this helps
  5. Hi mate this system was fitted to my 2005 wrx300 when I brought it if I'm right it is a 3 inch back box with a 2.5 inch centre section with no boxes and it sounded awesome deep with a bit of a rasp I liked it so much when I changed my system to 3 inch straight through I kept this back box on the system but now it is very raspy with some burble hope this helps
  6. Hi jay762 its true there is a lot of anti cruises in the west midlands but as Trob has mentioned the ford cruises seem to happen without any issues in our area what I might be able to arrange if we can get enough interest is a meet at my garage I am lucky enough to be manager of a pirelli performance centre I could possibly book a Saturday morning for a subaru club meet and get my team to check the cars out at the same time (alignments and tyres foc) have done the same thing a couple of times with the porsche owners club and it's a good morning for people with a common interest to get together if anyone is interested let me know cheers Andy
  7. Eagle f1s I hadn't thought of them the avon zzs would have to be a fair weather option and this is my daily driver I had michelin before and they gripped all the way until there was hardly any tread left and the 4s is meant to be even better has any tried the pirelli trofeo tyres
  8. Hi all just wanted to see what tyres people are running on there imprezas I have been running avon zv5 whilst I've been playing with my coilovers and wheel size now I'm happy with my set up I am going to put some decent tyres on top of my list are michelin pilot sport 4 s or avon zzs has anyone run these tyres or can anyone advise me on other options cheers
  9. Do you have to get tickets or can you turn up on the day and pay I noticed there are club stands what does it cost if you have been before could be a good place to start my scooby family lol
  10. No I haven't been to any jap specific shows I'm lucky because I work for a company that has a motorsport division and we have a box at Donnington and went to Silverstone f1 this year but my current impreza has been nearly 2 years in the making and I wanted to meet with local people to show it off and get some ideas of what I might do next and talk scoobys did see jap fest final meet of the year at santa pod is on next month is this the one you are going to
  11. Hi gemlp82 thanks for the reply I have seen the club you have mentioned but they are derby way which is a long way for me there has got to be clubs closer to Birmingham.
  12. Hi all I'm new to the site but not new to imprezas having owned 2 x classics and 3 x blobeyes was looking for a club in the Birmingham area for meets and charity events have heard of a club called west mids imprezas but can't find any contact details can anyone help with information on this club or others in my area.
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