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  1. Hi all but too sure I'm in the correct forum but here goes.As the title says I'm looking to upgrade my 06 blob to a vf turbo,pink injectors and a decat uppipe, the car has already been mapped but looking to move to the next level and hopefully break the 300 hp level (without breaking anything else!) is there a second hand part section on here and being based in Cumbria had anyone had any dealings with anyone in this part of the woods. Cheers all
  2. Hello there just wondering if anyone could tell me if an alternator wth the part number 23700 AA 430 will fit a 2005 wrx Thanks
  3. Well yeah as you say it seems low but hey ho he's the mechanic,he's replaced the battery with a Bosch battery ,he said the battery was short of a few Amps(he did say the figure but I can't remember),it hasn't cost me anything but no doubt in a week or so I'll be back to a flat battery.
  4. Well here we go again,took the car to the garage who put the alternator on, who turned round and said to me"the alternators fine it's kicking out 13.1v under heavy load"and then proceeded to say the battery is at fault not kicking out the right amps ,,I give in ☹️
  5. Yeah I increased the revs, it increased slightly but not much, I got in touch with the garage they gonna replace it on Friday if it's faulty, God knows where they even got it from so hopefully it'll be sorted.
  6. Checked once more the voltage,,with nothing switched on and car running the battery is reading 13.01v, the alternator when tested directly is reading 13.04v, now when I turn everything on, lights etc the battery is reading 12.36v and the alternator is 12.40 I've also noticed that with the AC on and everything that the fan cuts in every thirty seconds or so for about five seconds then stops, is that normal. Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot ,it's a shame your not nearby you seem more clued up than most around here!
  8. Sounds like the alternator isn't giving it the juice it should be,it's only new around six months ago, I've taken the battery off and gonna check the voltage tomorrow to see if it's dropped ,its currently on 13v, if it's still around that tomorrow I'm gonna connect it to the car and leave it another day then check the voltage again and see if anything is draining it when it's connected to the car if it's still charged then it must be when I'm driving the car around the fact that the alternator isn't 100% then the battery is dropping.
  9. Battery is reading 12.94v when connected to the car with it running and everything on ,and 13v with everything turned off and still running,with engine off battery is reading 12.9v, does that sound about right.
  10. To be fair to him,the alternator was diagnosed knackered by the dealer which it was, I myself replaced the last battery as after a few days it was losing charge,I probably didn't have too as it is probably the same fault that's causing the new battery to go flat,it's on charge now,I noticed when taking the battery off earlier today that there was water on top of the battery and about half inch under the battery so waters obv getting in somewhere, hopefully that's the cause of it going flat and sounding the alarm when started. That's the problem living in a one horse town, if you think this is bad you should have seen how many locals I had to take it to to get a downpipe fitted correctly!
  11. Update; no wiser lol, garage said he thinks it's now the alternator but when I drive the car around knock it off and start it again the car turns over very quickly so it's getting some charge,it's gone from starting no problem last night (Albeit with the loud alarm chirp,) to being completely flat just earlier on when the garage tried to start it, I think your right, something is flattening the battery
  12. Not sure I've no gauges,I've literally just dropped it at the garage to check the battery so we'll see , since the new battery it's been fine but we had a spate of hard frost then this so maybe the "new" battery has given up
  13. Yeah, it seems that nothing is simple with Subaru's, the battery, starter and alternator are all new in the last few months and still the problems continue, I connected my son's battery onto mine via jump lead and there was no chirping at all I even started it three or four times and it was perfect but as soon as I removed the leads and started the car again the loud alarm sound was there as the car started up 😔
  14. Hi,it's not a soft chirp it's a full on alarm sound for a split second,also the car did sound a little slow turning over this morning first thing which would indicate the battery, but it has only been on a couple of months...
  15. Just connected my son's battery via jump leads and no alarm sound at all ,I started it five or six times and no soon as I disconnected the leads,the alarm was chirping away on start up.