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  1. Hi there, thanks for the reply,,I have had a look and couldn't see out obvious,and the only smoke test any mechanic around here does is when he changes his cigarette brand.
  2. Morning guys just a quick question,,I have a 2.0 06 WRX, the mods are,, full exhaust including decat dp, panel filter, and remap, I've noticed a hissing noise under hard acceleration , now I've had it to two local garages, one couldn't hear anything 👿 and the other said he knew what I meant but explained that because the car has been mapped and had a bigger exhaust etc that everything is a lot more free flowing and that is what the noise is, should I be satisfied with that, the car send to drive ok, not sure about boost etc as I've no gauge, it's just the annoying hissing,I was debating whether to take it to cams or another WRX specialist but thats quite a drive to be told he can't find anything, has anyone had the same experience, I'm also based in West Cumbria should anyone care to have a listen 👂 Cheerd guys.
  3. Sorry to bore you all ,but could someone tell me what size wheels my car takes,offset etc,the car myself it a 2006 but a late blobeye,I have the original 17 inch wheels on at the moment but they don't hold air properly , I'm looking on demon tweeks but unsure on size ,I want 17 's. Thank you
  4. Hi there, does anyone know where I could buy new or refurbed OEM 17 inch alloys to fit a 2005 WRX, mine aren't holding air properly so I don't want to fork out for a Refurb and I do like the standard wheels Cheers Neil
  5. Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy new or refurbished OEM 17" alloy wheels for a 2005 WRX, the ones I have on aren't holding air properly so I don't want to spend money on a refurb. Cheers Nell
  6. I've looked as much as I can and can't see anything obvious it has the standard recirculating valve on it also, I'll wait until th lockdown end's and try another garage although I know what they'll all say"can't see out mate" 😔.
  7. Cheers.its definitely not the turbo spooling,that's a lot earlier on,I wish there was a decent knowledgeable mechanic around, maybe after the lock down I'll have to travel a bit,I'm based in Cumbria 😒 !Removed! end of nowhere.
  8. Hi guys just a quick question,I have a Subaru WRX 05 with full stainless exhaust from scoobyworld, including decat down pipe,and a remap from Andy carr, I've noticed that under high revs there's a fairly loud hissing sound, now I've had the car to three local garages (one a modified car enthusiast) now they've all said they can't see anything untoward, the WRX guy said that he's heard it before with Subaru's and it's because I've got a bigger exhaust and a remap and the car is a lot more free flowing and that this is causing the hissing sound ,does this sound like it could make sense to anyone and has anyone had this before,this is a similar sound to what I'm experiencing but I tend to be revving a lot more before it starts.any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi all but too sure I'm in the correct forum but here goes.As the title says I'm looking to upgrade my 06 blob to a vf turbo,pink injectors and a decat uppipe, the car has already been mapped but looking to move to the next level and hopefully break the 300 hp level (without breaking anything else!) is there a second hand part section on here and being based in Cumbria had anyone had any dealings with anyone in this part of the woods. Cheers all
  10. Hello there just wondering if anyone could tell me if an alternator wth the part number 23700 AA 430 will fit a 2005 wrx Thanks
  11. Well yeah as you say it seems low but hey ho he's the mechanic,he's replaced the battery with a Bosch battery ,he said the battery was short of a few Amps(he did say the figure but I can't remember),it hasn't cost me anything but no doubt in a week or so I'll be back to a flat battery.
  12. Well here we go again,took the car to the garage who put the alternator on, who turned round and said to me"the alternators fine it's kicking out 13.1v under heavy load"and then proceeded to say the battery is at fault not kicking out the right amps ,,I give in ☹️
  13. Yeah I increased the revs, it increased slightly but not much, I got in touch with the garage they gonna replace it on Friday if it's faulty, God knows where they even got it from so hopefully it'll be sorted.
  14. Checked once more the voltage,,with nothing switched on and car running the battery is reading 13.01v, the alternator when tested directly is reading 13.04v, now when I turn everything on, lights etc the battery is reading 12.36v and the alternator is 12.40 I've also noticed that with the AC on and everything that the fan cuts in every thirty seconds or so for about five seconds then stops, is that normal. Thanks
  15. Thanks a lot ,it's a shame your not nearby you seem more clued up than most around here!
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