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  1. ->K1


    Happy new year everyone!
  2. next is essen motor show in germany^^ and yes i ll do some show in uk next year (the first i think it will be incarnation and fast show in april)
  3. ->K1

    some pics from trax silverstone

    some good body kit^^ s15 convertible and tim shaw!
  4. ->K1

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    Some pictures of the soc stand
  5. ->K1

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    like i've said.. my boat is booked so i'll be there..the trip will start in few hours now^^
  6. ->K1

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    anyone else camp there?
  7. ->K1

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    i'll be at jap show with the impreza..
  8. hi, my name is Jessy I'm from France and use to come in uk for show i own a impreza gt2000, a supra mk4, a supra mk3, a manta, a samba convertible and a lt28 campervan This is my impreza