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  1. is it single coil or dual coil omex you have? This might help? Failing that i would speak to Omex.
  2. I think it depends on the model of Revlimiter you have. The ones i have see have the following: Red - Coil Positive (power) Blue - Coil 1 Negative Blue - Coil 2 Negative Black - Earth. (some come with an extra cable - Orange - Remote button) Also if you want it just for pops and bangs, i heard it is best to remove the cat 😛
  3. Ah ok, i couldnt find my adapter last night. What was the issue?
  4. The car is plucky and surprised me a lot! it was the first scoob i owned, Went from that to a landrover and hated it by comparison. There is a lot to be said for Subarus AWD.
  5. yes i do use the torque app, when i manage to find my odb adapter i will post a shot for you. (mine is 2005 blob non turbo if that makes any difference) Do you want it on warm engine? cold engine? idle etc?
  6. Weclome on board! i used to have a 1500 hatch too (although i had a manual box) loved the lil beast (mine was called Yabba) and in all honesty it went places other cars couldnt go!
  7. ok so i have finalised my designs, (quite different to the above) worked out holes and just aquiring the metal and then off to the workshop to bend and drill it 🙂
  8. WOOP!! Welcome along! i think Savage covered it all really just keep on top of things like fluids, don't pwn it when cold, and imho i would do a quick service just for piece of mind (filter, oil, spark etc)
  9. Welcome along, Always learning and always changing 🙂
  10. Nice to hear someone wanting to learn about their car, maintain etc before modifying 🙂 i did the same. Main one i missed when i gave mine its service was fuel filter. It may not be essential but i think (in my case at least) it was worth doing.
  11. True, i might have to get some time booked on a ramp so i can get under the car and work it out. Don't think i have plastic one under mine. 😞
  12. Hi All, Hope this is the right place to be posting this but i have just started modifying my Impreza and need some help. I have got the design for a very basic skid pan to go under my car and protect the sump. I am making this myself rather than buying as i can get my hands on materials for under £50 and have access to very fancy metalwork (pressbreak, punch machine etc) so will be a lot cheaper than buying. Does anyone else run a skid pan on their car and be able to help offer some measurements? I specifically am looking for where to pop the holes to mount it. I have attached the design for others to use if you wish.