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  1. I have a 2011 saloon wrx sti and i dont feel im getting 27 mpg when pottering around town and to work and back. Ive not had it long but the way the petrols draining seems a bit alarming at times. I am aware these engines are not very efficient but what do you guys realistically get when trying to drive economically and id appreciate any tips on how to get better gas mileage. This is my daily driver so would be useful. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info. Just picked it up today, the adverts gone off the site now 😅. I didn't see any packages tbh. Just stock settings i believe, whatever they are. Car's great but jesus christ the fuel economy is garbage. I knew that going into it but it really feels like its eating fuel even when cruising. Do you find that a good map can give a significant increase to mpg?
  3. Thanks for advice, not sure if those items are covered, i'll have to double check that tomorrow!
  4. Hello getting this car in a few days, it'll be coming up 8 years old next year. i'd like to know of any reliability issues I could face or specific problems this car has, if any, and I guess just with sti's in general? I've been offered a 1 year RAC warranty from the dealer for £299. Would it be a good investment? If something went wrong i don't think i could afford a big repair bill so i'm considering it. The dealer has a good reputation and the car has a full service history. If i don't need the warranty i'll likely spend the money on a remap instead.
  5. I'm getting mine Wednesday, very excited, but online i'm finding conflicting information on its power. I just want an accurate number. Some sources state 296bhp whereas others state 305bhp. Can someone confirm what the actual spec BHP is for the UK model. Thanks.