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  1. By way of a further update... my exhaust up pipe to turbo was missing 3 bolts, causing a huge leak which wasn't audible except under load. 😕 This has now been rectified by Super Duper up in Basingstoke. fully recommend them as a garage if anybody needs to use them!
  2. so looks like it was a boost leak, which I have resolved (with a few extra clips on the pipes until the silicone turns up). now I have a weird noise coming from the intake, or at least its on throttle. It's nothing to do with the turbo, just throttle, and sounds like very loud wind noise coming from the right hand side of the engine bay. Next thing I think is to check the airbox and all parts around it to make sure there is no leak there 😕 Frustrating thing.
  3. Hey, do you still have these? Dropped you a PM, thanks! 🙂
  4. Iridiums I think, I will check. Thanks for this info. I removed the intercooler again this morning, checked all hoses (whole worn don’t look perished) and cleaned up the area around the recirc valve, tightening it down a little more. It may just be because the car was cold, but it’s running better this morning. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell me whether cold spark plugs are sparking better or cold hoses somewhere are sealing better and not creating a boost leak. I think my next port of call is a pressure test on the boost side of things. 😕 !Removed! thing has been nothing but trouble for 6 months!
  5. Thank you, I’ll check those ASAP. This thing is driving me insane, 6 months of ownership and 3 months off the road so far. I’m beginning to believe it’s cursed. 😕 do the symptoms seem like it could be all because of a boost leak? I’ve read various things, from spark plugs being loose to the down pipe having some play. None of it was done by me unfortunately, and the garage is closed until next week, but I need the car. I’m learning a lesson here... buy something crap and reliable!! 😂
  6. The car is a 2002 bug WRX with Sti Intercooler, pink injectors, janspeed exhaust system, and TD04 hybrid, running about 320bhp. Hi all, first technical post for a while. So, short story, it’s running horribly over about 4K revs. Video link attached. Weirdly it doesn’t seem to do this under load, but does feel down on power. It had its MOT last week, which meant exhaust swap, and also plugs and oxygen sensor changed last week. Now it’s doing this, and I’m also getting a weird noise on full boost, almost like an electrical noise, or maybe someone letting air out of a balloon. I’m thinking this could be a boost leak, but I’ve checked all the IC pipes, and the HKS SSQV pipes and tightened them, so not sure what to do next! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! linky:
  7. Ah cool, thanks Ross, mind put at ease. It’s one of those odd things that I was sure it dimmed more before I blew the fuse, but just the mind playing tricks. Have a good weekend, I’ll continue to tinker with some other bits...
  8. Thanks Ross, I checked the manual but it just says instrument panel, the issue is mine doesn’t do all instruments, just the bits I said (including clock). I’m sure it did the whole lot before I blew the clock fuse (now replaced) being stupid. I’ll have to find a bug close by and check.
  9. Hey all, first question post!! I have a 2002 WRX, and am wondering what the dimmer does on the stalk. I thought it dimmed all the gauges and the HVAC, but I have replaced a bulb, and since that the dimmer only seems to do the clock, the odometer and the ambient temperature. Is this right or should it do the speedo/tach etc as well? Second question, if it is supposed to do that what should I be looking for to fix? I was considering LED replacements but don’t like the fact it won’t dim as I do a lot of night driving. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Ah thanks @savage bulldogs, it’s the toe that’s the problem, and only on the left side. I’m thinking a possible bent lateral arm, but we will see... ill look into the camber adjustments as well, as this definitely hasn’t been done 😕
  11. Ah, of course, I don’t have many at the moment as it’s spent most of it’s time in the shop 😕 Im Truro way, just moved up from St Just.
  12. Just an introduction as I'll probably be posting for advice on all of the bits of my car that break over the next few months! Picked up a 2002 WRX with a front end conversion to Blob, and various improvements including a TD04 hybrid, pink injectors and an STI intercooler. I'm sure there is more that has been done, but slowly learning which bits are which and I have had some expensive bills already.... Anyway, the plan is to restore the car somewhat to decent condition, it's in for undersealing this week and needs a few paint touch ups here and there as well as a wheel alignment issue where I don't seem to have enough adjustment on the rears to get the wheels straight! If I see anyone about I'll give them a wave! 👋
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