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  1. Unfortunately I have to put my baby up for sale, I'll be back in a couple months in another WRX but for now she has to go. £7,000.00 slightly neg Car has a measly 37000 miles on her, never been in an accident or been resprayed, clear HPI. Bought her about 4 months back, Gave her a full service and put a 1000 miles on her, no problems at all. SPECS: 2010 WRX-S narrow body 5 speed manual Prodrive kit direct from the factory - Launch control for those who want it.... Bough it with the following already fitted: - Forge uprated cooler and recirc valve - Cobra exhaust, still has downpipe fitted - Tien springs and 5Zigen wheels Has software on but I have no clue who tuned it, has 264hp at the wheels. £7,000.00 slightly neg In all honesty I don't want to sell it so any ridiculous offer will be turned down, if the price is right come fetch your new car. Thanks Kyle
  2. I have kids and I must say I'm not sure I understand your argument, So we get rid of all the loud exhausts, what about all the buses and trucks that make 10 times the amount of noise just by releasing brake pressure or gearing down?? Hell even I get a fright if a large vehicle comes up behind me and makes some arbitrary noise due to exhaust back pressure or air compression system So what you are saying is actually everyone who makes a noise around my baby should just go home so I can take my child for a walk in silence?? @Classicscoob2000 seems like you got someone having a bad day, I'd chalk it up to a one time thing and forget about it.
  3. Time to start doubling up on clamps, at that boost you bound to pop a few pipes off. Engine bay is starting to look really good by the way, love the aircraft grade quick connectors and braided lines!
  4. It has to be mapped if its running this power??
  5. Hahahaha, I will forge the engine even if I don't have too. Been a lover of fast cars for a long time, had all the ST models from the 170 up. Had a couple VXR's and an S4 B8. All of them have been built, so this will follow suit shortly. I don't even know if it has been built though, I have the previous owners names but don't really want to put them up on a public forum. Whats the best way to scope it out? Have a tuner pull it apart?
  6. Morning All Went and purchased a 2010 WRX-S Hatch this passed weekend. Has a mere 35k miles on her so still fresh. Mechanically seems to be in pretty good nick. Previous owner ended up rubbing the rims a bit so some curb rash that needs to be fixed but other than that I'm a happy chap. Not really sure whats been done to the car so if anyone knows the history I would appreciate it. From what I can see: - Cobra Exhaust - Larger IC - BOV - Software (guessing here) - Lowering springs I am going to send the car in this week to fix the wheels, next week it will get a service then if money allows upgrade the sound system.