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  1. I have a Subaru hatch WRX-S (Narrow body) and I am keen to upgrade to 6 gears. Running 400bhp (I know not safe) and am awaiting the inevitable bang from my 5 speed gearbox 😂 anyone recommend a company who can take care of this? Parts, fitting the lot. Im from near Brighton so south is ideal. Aware it’s a big job however I haven’t got the time to do it myself and from research the rabbit hole goes deep (axle, lower control arms, driveshaft etc etc 😢) and I will want it running ASAP once it does pop 💥 thanks in advance AWD fam 👌🏻
  2. Has anybody done the infamous 6 speed gearbox swap into the WRX hatch? Wanting to do this on my WRX-S hatch Any nuggets of wisdom? or recommendations for companies that can do this? Worthing based cheers 👌🏻
  3. Sounds normal on them mate. Only straight pipe sections I know of are aftermarket or custom piping. Prodrive exhaust on them is rather quiet really. If you want more noise either change the downpipe, or catback system. 👍🏻
  4. Cheers for that stants. I don't quite know how I have never come across scooby clinic before.
  5. I had trouble finding one when I looked. A lot were from US. Or they were not for my model of car. I struggle to find a lot of parts for my particular model for some reason.
  6. Also anybody recommend a good 3 port solenoid available in the UK?
  7. Cheers for the input gents. I have sent Dunc an email and hopefully I can get it sorted. Will update if any changes
  8. Hi guys I have a 59 WRX-S with cobra sport cat back, K&N typhoon filter, HKS BOV and had the prodrive tune replaced by custom tune from racedynamix. I have found in gear 4/5 it runs error code P0244 if pushed hard. I have tried without the BOV but the same issue still. I have a decat pipe and some gauges to get a better look on their way. Anyone know what this may be? Do I need a higher PSI solenoid? Cheers guys
  9. WRX-S 2010. I really don't want to take the BOV off but may need to eventually
  10. 270 at wheels with partial decat, filter, BOV. To update tho she may have over boosted yesterday. Trying to identify today if that's the case
  11. Mines pushing 270bhp and 340 torque now but I wanna get her in the 300 club really. Down pipe etc will be next on the list methinks
  12. Update. The car has had a map. Minor bhp increase of around 15. Big Torque increase of around 70 pound feet. Still rev issue though between gear changes. Will check the throttle catch cable next
  13. On a side note I'm gonna try a clean of the IACV. Does anyone know the gasket part no for a 2010 hatch WRX-S?
  14. She is going on for a remap on Friday morning with Duncan. Noticed my power steering fluid is low so wondering if the cut out during cornering may have been from sucking air due to fluid sloshed to one side. The revs as well may be from the BOV being too tightly spung. That being said the HKS I have is not adjustable. Will update again once the map is done gents with results
  15. Dropped him an email so hopefully he comes back to me ASAP. Cheers for the help guys will update once sorted