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  1. Thanks stu I will give that a look So yesterday - I’m driving And the act is playing up. Pretty much the worst it’s ever been. The car starts losing power, stalling and even sounding like a misfire. So each tome I’m starting the car up and engaging gear and setting off the car stalls. so finally I left the car to cool down and it seemed fine until I got further ahead. Assuming when it was warming back up again I was having the same thing again where it just stalls and sounds like a misfire. absolute nightmare it was. But I followed your advice Stu and went on to Ebay and got coilpacks with the pigtails for £70 delivered. I will have a look at that link and see what I can do. would you say the symptoms I’ve mentioned - is that defo the coil pack? Cheers
  2. Oh thanks mate that’s great what sort of prices are we looking at for the coil packs?
  3. The last message didn’t upload as it should have stu - I will check coil packs next I’m off. I’ve heard the coil pack conversion Is a must on the older Impreza
  4. when I’m off work next week. Savage Bulldogs - the car had a full Engine service including spark plugs and filters.. I will check the ecu code when I’m with it next week.. sandals - the car was checked out by garage and they advised callipers are fine and everything else with it. He also checked for codes and advised there’s nothing showing with regards to the fuel pump - which one should I go for and what sort of price am I looking at? seeing as the car is 27 years old the fuel pump could possibly do with a change thanks for your help guys
  5. I’ve noticed that sometimes it happens when I’m doing speeds like 20mph and even sometimes when I’m doing even 40 and above. last week I left the car started and idling for around 20 mins whilst I was chatting to my mate. when I started driving off it started playing up. But now it happens pretty much whenever could it possibly be the coil pack?
  6. I got this tested and have been told that the fuel pump is fine.. could it be anything else?
  7. Hi all Recently I’ve been having issues with my Subaru. whilst driving all of a sudden it has a loss of power and feels like it’s holding back. Literally has no power and then after a few seconds it will go back to being fine. I’m getting this a lot now and on today’s 45 minute trip it happened about 5 times where I’m driving and all of a sudden the car just loses power. Does anyone know what this could be? It might help by me adding that I’ve only started driving the car for the last 4 weeks. Before that she has been parked up. this is a 93 Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo (import) any help will be appreciated
  8. Thanks for that lads il be getting it serviced on weekend. Anyone know of any place that would do windscreens for this car?
  9. I believe it was leaking - how often should you change the water pump on a Subaru? Also - how often should you service the classic Subaru? Should it be after every after 6k miles or so? Just curious i don’t think il do 6k anytime soon as I’ve only done around 500/600 in 2 years. Next thing to tackle will be the windscreen as it’s got a crack which has got worse over time.
  10. Update guys - eventually took the car to a garage and had it pressure tested. It turned out to be the water pump. So I have now replaced the thermostat, water pump and timing belt and few other hoses and she’s back to being a good little girl. Also, it now gives out warm heat as opposed to cold but it could be a lot warmer. Could that just be an airlock? regards
  11. Thanks Neil - do you know why it would leak from the coolant and then stop? This is car is baffling me
  12. Hi guys So I managed to remove the old thermostat, which was a struggle due to location, and put the new one. Connected the hoses up and took it for a drive. I realised the cat was still overheating but just ever so slightly and then creeped back down. I topped it back up with water and noticed there was a leak coming from the left of the thermostat. I then double checked the housing and the leaking wouldn’t stop. I then took the thermostat back out to make sure I had put this in properly. After filling back up with water I realised the housing was now leaking and also the coolant bottle. Water was just flowing out but then the leak stopped from the coolant bottle but the housing kept going. I topped it back up and took it down my street and back up. I let it cool down and saw that there was no water left - but when I filled it back up I realised that there wasn’t any water leaking anymore. I dong understand what it can be. Now the car overheats. There was water leaking from the coolant and the thermostat housing and from the left of this. But it has now all stopped. Also it gives out cold air. What could this be? Does anyone know or has anyone come across this on their 1993 Subaru Impreza import?
  13. I will try that when I’m off on weekend and report back. Thanks Siluro for the advice. I just hope it is a cheap fix with the thermostat and nothing like the head gasket. To be fair I think some of the hoses could do with a change as they seem abit tired. What are the best hoses to go for and where can u get these from?
  14. Cheers Neil - I will try getting the thermostat changed this week. Im guessing both hoses (top and bottom) should be getting warm? Also, seeing as the car wasn’t overheating whilst the coolant cap was removed, what could do this mean? I spoke to someone about it briefly and got told it’s the head gasket without even fully hearing me out. Is this true? Does anyone know how much a head gasket would cost on this? Cheers