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  1. FOR SALE! - £350.00 OEM Subaru Refurbished Gloss Black 17" Alloy Wheels GENUINE OEM SUBARU IMPREZA STI / WRX 17" FULLY REFURBISHED ALLOY WHEELS FINISHED IN GLOSS BLACK - 4x Genuine OEM Subaru 17"Alloy Wheels Finished in Gloss Black Alloy Wheels FItment: 7J x 17H2 Stud Pattern: 5 Stud Colour: Gloss Black (Recently Refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes) Refurbishment These wheels have been meticulously refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes. Feel free to look them up online. each wheel cost me 70.00 each for the full top standard of refurbishment Compatible Vehicles THESE WHEELS WILL FIT THE FOLLOWING MODELS: Subaru Impreza Subaru WRX Subaru STI These may fit other Subaru models of vehicles but please do your own research before bidding! These were initially removed from my Subaru Impreza WRX although it will fit the STI vehicles also. - These wheels have never had tyres fitted or been fitted to a vehicle since being fully refurbished - These were removed from a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX before being sent for refurbishment. - These are the genuine OEM factory Subaru 17" wheels that came with my vehicle when bought some time ago. - Upon removal from my vehicle these were professionally refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes who are amongst the best around (check for yourself) - Each of the wheels was refurbished at the cost of 70.00 per wheel in gloss black. - These wheels will fit other models aswell as a lot of Subaru vehicles due to the fitment but please do your research before. - These are the factory original wheels that originally came with my 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX vehicle. - All of the alloy wheels are in immaculate condition as you are able to see by the pics. - These have been surplus to requirements after the vehicle was sold - No weld repairs or cracks whatsoever. - All wheels run true and straight with no flat spots whatsoever - Never ever been repaired. - These are very expensive from Subaru to purchase never mind the money that I have spent getting these refurbished and in tip-top condition like these!! ***PICKUP IN PERSON IS STRONGLY PREFERRED DUE TO THE SHEAR WEIGHT OF THE WHEELS***