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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to source UK Spec non widebody 6 speed components for a conversion but I'm not having much luck. Ideally the box, linkage, prop, clutch fork and starter motor from a 01-05 UK STi. Anyone got some or know someone who does? Many thanks
  2. Hi there everyone, I only recently found this forum... Probably would have been useful over the years. Signing up to offer and seek advice to/from anyone modifying their Foresters as there's not too many of us around. I have had my 05 Forester XT for 3 years and in this time have had I modified it pretty extensively. It's my second FXT and luckily I have my first for a parts car after the TD04 blew up due to oil starvation which was due to the banjo bolt being blocked. Since my first one blew up I have been researching Foresters and the Scooby scene in general. If you'd like to know anything feel free to ask 🙂