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  1. Thought you lot would appreciate this video
  2. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    The old blokes are nice guys normally but not online much. But nutz seems much more like Scabbynet than hrre unfortuantely.
  3. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Haha. Not really sure it would fit!!! Definitely missing the Subaru community. Much less involved in mx5 community. Not as friendly as you lot.
  4. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Got it picked up last night and delivered this morning, went over to get the money, he tried to low ball me an offer but I said no, gave me £900 which was more than I paid for the car (covered the tow from mine to his,) to be fair he didn't try to argue as I think he new I wasn't going to have it and I had a letter ready to give him 14 days to pay before I went to the county court and made it obvious I had it. He was very friendly and seemed annoyed at the car but not at me, so happy and easy in the end. Thanks for the advice and help. Wish it was this easy for everyone.
  5. First up is a set of 17" wheels off my classic, they are in generally good condition with some curbing on the edges, 2 tyres are cracked and need replacing the others seem ok although I would recommend replacing them all. They have 'Lightweight Racing' written on them and they did seem very light to me. £150 collected or postage paid by buyer. Located Bradford Secondly are a set of braided brake lines in transparent blue, they are SWRD which is the same brand as the discs I had on mine and was very impressed with. Unopened and in box, cost me £75 so looking for £70 delivered. Comment or message me for more details
  6. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    I assume he will try to screw me but I ak ready for it. Pic of the new car attached though
  7. Wow, that is extrodinarily high. I'm 23 and I paid less than £1k for fully comp on a turbo 2000 saloon. Not sure why it is so high, send a message to Dan Adrian Flux on here and see what he says.
  8. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Well what a turn of events. So this is what happened, bought a mk1 1.6 from a dealer on Friday, drove it home and to work today, a total of 100km or so. On the way back on the motorway the oil pressure hit 0, then a loud knocking noise and blue smoke and bang and then nothing. Got it towed and the driver attempted to crank manually but no movement what so ever. So seems like the oil pump failed and the engine is seized. I am planning on calling up and rejecting the car under the Sales of Goods act. And when phoned the dealer agreed, So I ended up buying another mx5, a Mk1 1.8 R-Ltd. This and exams has been a very busy week hence why I haven't been on here!!
  9. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    I will probably be in Leeds next week at some point but will send a message later this week. The new rims went with the car but the 17 inch ones you saw I have still and will be selling soon enough. If your interested let me know via a msg and we can sort something out.
  10. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    It's an import, imported in 1998 but a 1990 car. I will let you know next time I am in Leeds and will take you up on that offer I think.
  11. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Thanks guys and sorry to have gone especially after the work i had put in, still had a few niggles but just needed a cheaper runner for the moment. Stanton you can probably tell from the pics it is a mk1 1.8s with pretty much no rust that i have found yet, leather interior with wood trimmings, which will probably be changed soon enough. Good fun to drive just got to get back to the knowledge that every bolt will be rusted to ****:)
  12. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Easy to drift, as long as it is wet on the ground, any corner and you are sideways.
  13. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Haha that made me smile.
  14. Pommy

    No more Subaru

    Haha, seen a good sticker saying No Haircutting Equipment left over night. Will be getting one soon;) It is good fun to drive, and looking forward to some drifting:) But have to admit I miss the engine noise.
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