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  1. Glad she getting some TLC save it before it goes to far mine only had a little rust spot coming though I sorted that straight out look nice when it’s all done 👍👍
  2. Thanks mate had some one from bell servicing in Southend he is rebuilding his engine is going to sort mine out either another bottom if it gone to far or a rebuild 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽Thanks again for ya help
  3. That’s one nice engine 👍👍👍it would look better in mine lol😂😂good job
  4. Wow👍👍👍what a good job just love to have the time and the knowledge to do mine good job mate👍👍👍👍👍
  5. Hi mate the engine was sweet had full service on it no knocking or banging It sounded sweet I think it was my led foot. The lights were red went green put my foot to the floor it went off the clock and when I slowed down and stopped it was a little knocking noise so I headed back home and now when you start it up the knocking is getting louder😤😤
  6. Finally got it on the road after a year of buying it and problems as it hadn’t been driven for 10yrs. Literally drove it for a total of about 4 hours and blew the bottom end😤now got to get a rebuild lol!
  7. Hello mate I’m grateful for your knowledge I really appreciate it. Im in Essex I’ve had a lock about and emailed a few companies see what they quote🤞🏽Thanks again mate I’ll keep you updated! Gary
  8. Cheers mate that info was really helpful and has help me make my mind up on a rebuild! I haven’t got the equipment or knowledge to rebuild myself I can remove it and send it away to be done. Don’t suppose you could suggest anyone or place I could send it could you? Cheers again mate! Gary
  9. Cheers mate my mind is boggled lol. It’s my first scooby and I want to keep the classic on the road! Could you by any chance point me in the right direction without getting shafted. There’s 100’s on eBay I just don’t know what to do really lol . Cheers Gary
  10. The bottom end with my head sounds like the best option mate. But what one of fit? Cheers Gary
  11. Hi everyone can anyone help? I’ve destroyed my bottom end and need a new engine. I’ve got Subaru Impreza WRX 1994 engine code EJ20GDW4HE. Want to know if I can put any EJ20 engine into my car? Or does it have to be an exact match. Cheers!!
  12. Anyone know the ignition switch diagram to my 94 Impreza or know what these wires are black/white stripe black/yellow stripe black/blue stripe black Any help thanks
  13. Hi mate I’ve tried him he has only got front one need to find back ones 👍
  14. Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can get some Subaru Impreza turbo 2.0 v1&v2 rear and front anti rattle springs. I have 2pot Calipers at front and 1 pot at rear. Need front and rear both sides. It is a 94 import. Any help would be much appreciated 👍
  15. Cheers 👍 No I’m not doing just getting the stuff and then got to sort out someone to fit it. The belt That’s on it is over 10 years old lol