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  1. Apexi ecu 550 inj front mounted intercooler Standard turbo hks mushroom air induction kit decat down pipe straight through midsection ( not for Road use🤫) cobra back box
  2. Hi @savage bulldogs thanks she getting there slowly I put 4 new classic coilpacks in would not know where to start by putting newage coilpacks on it lol 😂 well got her out for the weekend she does need a clean had to get a new battery she was dead ☠️ hopefully attowe will do his magic on her 🤞🏼
  3. Hi all just got her out for the first time this year just fitted new radiator on and deleted Aircon Air gone all she needs doing now is getting her back to Clive attowe for the remapping I be letting ya all know what BHP she is hopefully we are not on lockdown this time I might be able to go in🤞
  4. @savage bulldogsI’ve been looking about and found rallysport automotive don’t know if anyone has used them on here or know of anyone who has. going to give them ring Monday, after calling attowes and see if they can book me in ASAP 🤞🏼Like what ya saying 320 /330 hp I was hoping about 300 hp so anything around that I be happy (for now) 😜lol it’s easier having the car 5 minutes away from me now instead of an hour away in canvey island. I really appreciate your input mate really helped me out, give you a message tomorrow night let you know how the day went and see if I get booked in or not. The
  5. Hello mate, where would be the best place to get it set up? I’ve not taken her out yet but she clears everything on full lock. Attowes couldn’t do it before Christmas so got to ring Monday and hopefully get booked in ASAP!
  6. Evening all, progress going well, all wrapped up and back together. Break lines all done🥴that was fun making them and re-routing them...NOT!! Not took her out for a test drive, got to ring and get her booked in to be remapped as couldn’t have it done before Christmas guy said he could book my car in January. Hopefully they can do it with the situation we are in with lockdown. Here’s a few pics!
  7. Suspension all finished, car sits nice, then things lead to 🤪removing brake pipes and replacing part of them and new hoses got to passenger-side rear to finish and then start bleeding them tomorrow 🤞🏼Nice to have free time to continue on with jobs! Put some pictures up tomorrow of progress👍🏼
  8. Nice day to put new suspension on
  9. Santa Claus dropped a early present on doorstep today hopefully start fitting these next weekend when break up from work
  10. Cheers mate I let ya know when it’s all plugged in and how she running 👍🏼
  11. The first two popped out easily the other two tops came off they were stuck in lol. I’m not booked in at attowes yet got to work out a time when I can get over there still got to plug-in the apexi and the map sensor I think I know where the old one is. If it starts I be happy. I don’t use the car that much and only get to work on it weekends if I’m not working or doing some thing else like yesterday had to put a new sump and back brakes on the van finished that so put them injectors in. So hopefully next Saturday when I go to the car I fit the apexi hopefully it starts 🤞
  12. Fitted me new injectors today what a fiddly job (having sausage fingers don’t help) lol they were a right pig to get out😤
  13. Hi @Jay762 I have started one for all to see got a few things going on thanks to @savage bulldogs got is apexi and 550cc injectors to be fitted and just bought I fuel pressure gauge hopefully I get a chance next weekend Weather permitting🌞☔️
  14. Sweet 330hp nice👌 Going to try and fit it next weekend hopefully not raining. Got a fuel pressure regulator as well to go on, Nice and shiny. Soon as it’s all on I’ll be giving them a buzz👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks again 👍🏼👍🏼
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