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  1. It ain’t lost loads of Oil it just leaves a little spot everywhere I park. I am a carpenter not a mechanic but sort of know my way around cars. When the bottom end went before I was ringing around to have it fixed people saying £3000 plus I thought fu#k that lol I found this engine and thought I’d give it a go it’s Only nuts and bolts lol it took me two days (A bit of YouTube helped 😂😂 The only thing I find hard is sourcing parts for it I’ve bought parts that don’t fit the car. When I get some space I’m going to try and rebuild my original engine but looking at piston comrods crankshafts bottom ends big ends it gets confusing what type and hopefully the right ones! Any info or knowledge on good parts I’d appreciate the help mate!
  2. The engine was rebuilt and done just under 1000 miles and the car was written off so I bought it in and put it straight in I Think it is the oil separate a plate it looks like a plastic thing behind the flywheel it’s not leaking that bad🥴 But I thought that was a job I wouldn’t have to do again 😤😤
  3. No problem I think she’s running okay at the moment with the new intercooler and air filter I noticed at the weekend got a little Oil leak between gearbox and engine so Engine might have to come out🥴 hopefully just a simple fix 🤔
  4. Sold 👍🏼👍🏼 @savage bulldogs so couple of weeks that would work out fine you’re not far from me so we could meet up somewhere looking forward to getting it all set up 👍🏼👍🏼
  5. No problem mate if price is right @savage bulldogs where would you think is the best place to have it fitted as people I’ve tried don’t want to touch it.
  6. Hi mate I tried to look Sunday but couldn’t see any writing on it. Going to remove some bit the weekend and have a good looks so hopefully let ya know. has for the injectors I found these on eBay would they fit my car or if Your ones are up for grabs point me in the right direction for the phase adapters and we will go from there 👍🏼👍🏼Cheers mate 👍🏼👍🏼
  7. Hi mate it has got the top entry Turbo and the gray injectors. When do you think you’ll be upgrading yours??
  8. Hi mate I’ve got a standard turbo and injectors would it be worth upgrading them to what?? I’m not sure what to go for and then sort the ECU out. The apexi is a lot cheaper then the syvecs it is a big difference in price. decision decision 🤔
  9. Cheers mate she is all back together. they are not far from Colchester I will be giving them a ring and getting some prices. so what you reckon to go for if you’re thinking of replacing your one.
  10. Lol cheers I we look out for him. I’m looking somewhere in Essex to get it done the places I been won’t touch it
  11. Just a little bit this evening got to cut front bumper Then try and get it remapped. Anyone know of a good place to take her and get a Remapped???
  12. Sitting there and pressing the clutch down not moving it comes back up. when it going and you accelerate hard the pedal stays down the spring had come off is the spring on there
  13. Hi mate I got a 94 Subaru Mine doing the same Had a look the spring is broken on the clutch fork so now getting new spring £6.80 glad it was a Cheap fix
  14. Just a few more bits for her 😁on there way so be fitting them next weekend
  15. Put him on her sounds nice ( loud pipes save lives)