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  1. I think more people should speak out about these types of incidents. there’s a hint of What’s potentially wrong but not enough. He’s coming across as a crook which is not a good look in anyone’s eyes. The car I got is not as described and is almost unroadworthy. Worst of the worst in terms of used car sales and used his “reputation” to get me to pay a deposit and gain trust needs to be exposed and I’ll fight this until I have a result and I’ll let you know. Quite a few more details have popped up in my favour ... I’ll keep you all posted
  2. Actually after doing some research we have the same laws in England as we do in Scotland. In fact it is UK LAW that is in operation . I too have had a message back talking of “Scottish law” and having to come to Scottish courts with a Scottish solicitor but this is untrue in a small claims court. i imagine your friend was intimidated and warned off further action as I was. Including “don’t take the car to another garage “ was directed at me .. Such bad and unprofessional practice from someone known within a car community. im not letting this go ..... I worked hard for my money and I’m not going to have it stolen off me .
  3. Yes it is !! My guess is he’s so desperate for the money. He could be refunding a load of SLS tickets or heavily investing in one of his many personal builds
  4. I think it was built ages ago and has failed. I don’t think it’s a recent Build
  5. @savage bulldogs how was this resolved then, do you know what happened?
  6. Yeah thanks man 👍. I’ll save up a bit more and get a good un
  7. Thanks for this information The car is bodged together and I’m going to go to the small claims court. I have more than enough evidence I think.
  8. Also comments were that the engine is extremely tired and on its last legs. Not in keeping with a fresh engine rebuild, one that has done 1000 miles. sensor replaced with a piece of metal, wheel bolts too short ..... could go on
  9. Ok so I got the report back from perfect touch and it’s not looking good. engine check light is for the VVT SYSTEM this time oil leak from the sump and the rocker cover Compression and leak down test. 1 95 psi =6% 2 60 psi =50% 3 80 psi = 24% 4 80 psi = 38% When doing compression test the pressures come up slowly, looked inside barrels with camera and can see damage to barrels and lots of oil is present. there are more issues concerning rust etc i have sent a letter to the seller with the report and he wants court action apparently ....
  10. I think the point of the camera is to inspect the pistons to Check if they’re forged. I’ll get a compression test and a leak down test done too before stripping the engine. But yes likely it will need taking apart
  11. @savage bulldogs thanks for the info.Really appreciated I’ve now re booked The car into another garage not Jem They’ve got endoscopes Etc and they are going to do a thorough investigation. also looking at mot history now how has he done the running in miles when the car was SORN? It’s going to be interesting... after filling up witH oil, I started the car and it’s definitely burning it. Smoke puffs and black oil from the exhaust ..😬
  12. A friend of mine might have one so I’ll have a go I think.
  13. Cool thanks that’s very cheap I’ll see if there’s an iPhone version
  14. Not stupid to ask but I was a little as I always check the oil but for some reason I didn’t as I was getting the whole explanation of the rebuild and stupidly trusted him although I’m my head I was thinking I should have checked it all the way home . he Also said he should have checked it too but what type of mechanic wouldn’t check this before selling. He said he was preparing it for pick up ..