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  1. Are mintex brake discs any good. I got the rear discs for my subaru xv for £15 delivered. Part MDC2568 Also should i uae 0w30 or 5w30 in my 2012 xv 2.0 diesel
  2. I woild like to replace my basic headunit in my 2012 subary xv. Ive seen double din screens for sale from 2015 xvs. Will these fit. Do they need coded
  3. How did you get on with reversing sensors install. I could install a set myself but would prefer it be integrated with the reversing camera screen rather than have a third party device sit on the screen
  4. Just bought a 2012 xv. Didnt realise USB port was damaged until now. Doubt 6 month warranty will cover it. Ive removed the part from inside the armrest, cant see a replacement on ebay. Anybody know i suitable usb port i could buy and solder on My cruise control doesnt work eithet, perhaps maybe the brake switch?
  5. I just bought a 2012 subaru xv 2.0 diesel. Full service history, great condition. Was put off a little as car was sitting some time, moved from larger dealer to smaller dealer. I bought it anyway and left with my mechabic, he sees no issues. Firstly, is there a repair manual for this car. Cant see a haynes one but for my previous volvo i j had volvo vida which was direct access to volvo dealer repair guides. Can you do this with subaru? My trip computer reads 35.1mpg, should be 50, are the trips inaccurate on the XV or should i be worried?