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  1. I´m want to know your opinio about the michelin crossclimate suv 235/55r17. Any problem with the installation? and the TMPS sensor?

  2. Decided on a set of Michelin Cross Climates in 235 55 17. Got a good idea of how capable they were this evening. Gale force winds, drifting snow, minus 3 degrees etc and was pleased with how they performed. Very reasuring steering feel and braking characteristics on compacted snow.
  3. Subaru fitment (5x100) 19x7.5 alloys ET45 with unused Kumho Ecsta LE Sport 225x40x19 93Y XL tyres Perfect match (3mm difference) in rolling radius as a 225x45x18 Fully balanced with aluminum caps. One has slight markings on the face (see last 2 x photos) Fell over whilst taking pics Looking for £550 for the set. Pick up from North Wales or Chester Ref pic or tinterweb
  4. Door card label states 215x55x17 snow tyres on our XV (2014 model) Kept the winter set from my recently sold Legacy Spec B tourer which is in the above size. Sat on 17x7 et48 OE Forester XT alloys. Popped them on over the weekend for the anticipated eastern showers predicted Taking what looks to me like the original set of Geolanders off and shocked to see that all four tyres have a large amount of cracking on the shoulders. There is only about 2mm left on all four so will be looking at some all season very soon. Going for 235's this time so the speedo reads correct and for a little
  5. No my FSTI was almost twice as fast as the BRZ
  6. From what I've researched it's pretty much all Subaru. Boxer engine, Chassis, suspension etc etc. Only input Toyota had was some cylinder head re-working, a little exterior design and a little more interior design Having purchased one specifically for my local track where the layout does not require outright speed I am pretty chuffed with it so far. Far more fun than my Forester STI 330 was on it and that was almost twice as fast. The RWD capabilities on track is where the BRZ excels. If outright speed is what your after then most definitely look elsewhere Saying that I much prefe
  7. Having been a member of the there are quite a few on their who have had the re-map at DH Cars and have commented on how better the car drives. I don't think there was any great gains in power just a smother power delivery and an eradication of a torque dip some had experienced with the standard set up
  9. Just purchased a 2017 BRZ and even the Scooby salesman was baffled by what was going on with Starlink & Mirrorlink Starlink is pretty much a waste of space. I got 7 apps on my 7" touchscreen HU (No Nav) with the BRZ and there is no way (This is what HQ told the salesman) of adding any of your own apps. Apps include News, Music, Weather, Calender, Yelp, Deezer & some other app (there that good eh ) This US 7" touchscreen Starlink system has Mirrorlink shown but was not supported at the time of the Vid (2015) Mirrorlink (enables mirroring of 'some' phone apps t
  10. Hello peeps Thought I would introduce myself. Currently residing in North Wales and a Subaru owner for the last 10 years. Previously owned a 2006 Forester XTen, 2006 Legacy Spec B Tourer, 2005 facelift JDM Forester STI and now a 2017 BRZ. My other half drives an XV Still getting to grips with the RWD BRZ after 9 years of AWD. Specifically purchased it so I could have some fun at our local track
  11. Well seeing as everyone else is offering up their car history and there are some interesting wheels some have purchased here are mine. Baring in mind I'm a musician and have always needed to lug about a drum kit, its not been a very sporty history of vehicles First up is Toad my Austin Morris Sherpa 2.0 petrol 4 speed with a steering box and brake drums all round ! Then came a disAstravan Mk1 1.7D (Not even a turbo) so a real slug. Then comes disAstravan Mk3. Originally a 1.7TD. This one I put 100K miles on then decided to customise it. Redtop 2.0, brakes, respray,
  12. All sorted. Dealership we purchased from is fitting sensors for us now for a reasonable cost
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