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  1. I have a 2012 subaru xv, i need a new tailgate, repair is more expensive that a used one from breakers yard. Ive found one from 2014, is the tailgate the same?
  2. Ok so diesel xvs in the US dont exist. So maybe the pan ive found is the engine oil, just hoping someone can confirm the oil pan has an allen key bolt and is pointing sttaight down towards ground and not diagonal like the ones shown in most service guides online
  3. Watched them already, a very detailed one showing a 2013 being done. He has a notched out piece on the underside panel to access bolt, i thought mine was the same albeit with small release hatch but no. His filter on the 2013 is also differebt location that mine so there is a difference, Hopefully someone with a uk 2012 xv can offer some light if im lucky lol
  4. Have failed to complete an oil change today on my recently purchased 2012 XV 2.0 D. Bit annoying as ive serviced rest of car and have had no issues doing oil on previous cars. Can't seem to find the sump plug. I thought this little access panel would show the 17mm bolt but no joy. I removed the full underside panel hoping to see it but still didn't, i can see an oil pan that requires a 12-14mm allen key but its the CVT i reckon. Any suggestions, anyone done an oil change on a 2012 XV?
  5. Ive recently bought a subaru XV, running fine but MPG is down, only 38.6mpg. Its 2012 2.0d. Ive changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter. I can manage tje basic things but the fuel filter looks very complicated, maybe that will help with mpg, has anyone here tackled the fuel filter. Im just wondering aswell are glowplugs part of maintenace, when should i change them or do you just change them when they stop working? I know spark plugs affect mpg but not sure if gloe plugs do. Also any recommendations on best wipers for subarus, the ones i have one s
  6. aidy55


    I purchased a full screen headunit with gps after seller confirmed it would fit my 2012 xv that has just basic cd/radio. The connectors dont match up, shoild i return this or can anything be done?
  7. Just bought a 2012 xv with 68k on the clock. Only found out it has a timing chain so wont need to replace this at 70k. But what about about alternator belt, warer pump, do they still need to be replaced. Is there anywhere that gives service intervals for engine parts?
  8. Are mintex brake discs any good. I got the rear discs for my subaru xv for £15 delivered. Part MDC2568 Also should i uae 0w30 or 5w30 in my 2012 xv 2.0 diesel
  9. I woild like to replace my basic headunit in my 2012 subary xv. Ive seen double din screens for sale from 2015 xvs. Will these fit. Do they need coded
  10. How did you get on with reversing sensors install. I could install a set myself but would prefer it be integrated with the reversing camera screen rather than have a third party device sit on the screen
  11. Just bought a 2012 xv. Didnt realise USB port was damaged until now. Doubt 6 month warranty will cover it. Ive removed the part from inside the armrest, cant see a replacement on ebay. Anybody know i suitable usb port i could buy and solder on My cruise control doesnt work eithet, perhaps maybe the brake switch?
  12. I just bought a 2012 subaru xv 2.0 diesel. Full service history, great condition. Was put off a little as car was sitting some time, moved from larger dealer to smaller dealer. I bought it anyway and left with my mechabic, he sees no issues. Firstly, is there a repair manual for this car. Cant see a haynes one but for my previous volvo i j had volvo vida which was direct access to volvo dealer repair guides. Can you do this with subaru? My trip computer reads 35.1mpg, should be 50, are the trips inaccurate on the XV or should i be worried?
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