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  1. I ran a fused line direct from the battery into the cabin (my live also powers the GFB electronic boost controller, wideband and boost gauge) The switched live I got from the fuse box with a fused jumper Found a switched live using a multi meter. On my SF5 it was fuse 9 I believe. My 10 inch display also automatically switches to rear view full screen when reversing, I did this by splicing into the reverse bulb signal wire.
  2. Just a quick update, been busy since January so gonna give some pics of the progress 👍 Japspeed unequal headers, up pipe and 200 cell high flow 3 inch down pipe, all heat wrapped. 2.5 inch Hayward and Scott non resonated cat back, had the cat end widened to marry up to 3 inch down pipe. Swapped out the turbosmart bov for a HKS SSQ. GlowShift boost gauge and matching Wideband kit fitted, custom build pillar mount flocked to match the dash. GFB fuel pressure regulator and GFB response electronic boost controller, still running the stock vf34 sti turbo along with a swrd 2
  3. Check you PCV lines for leaks or disconnections, that can lead to a lumpy idle. MAF as above is another one, clogged intake too
  4. They have had some absolute monsters in, I mainly use them for parts, they import a lot of half cuts but they sell on a first come first serve basis pretty much, luckily they’re only a few miles from our yard 😂
  5. 4 wheel drive dude 👍 The wheels are connected together so spinning the rears will spin the fronts and vice versa. You can also tell what sort of diff you have by doing this, spin the rear wheel and if the opposite rear spins the same direction it’s an lsd, if it spins opposite it’s an open diff.
  6. I fell into the pit fall of the 2 years, lost 10 years ncb, took the Impreza off the road but added myself to my wife’s and father in laws insurance as a named driver, came to insure the fossy and got stung 🤬 Adrian flux are leaches too, they will suck anything out of you. Personally Iv used Admiral for myself and diamond for the wife which is essentially the same company for around 6 years and had no issues. Plus the only mods they charged extra for were the exhaust and alloys, they didn’t charge nothing for stuffing an sti engine and box in the car 🤔🤣
  7. Maybe a trickle charger set up ? My Impreza was only used as a street cruiser maybe twice a month, once a week I would attach my trickle charger to the battery, I have an outside waterproof plug set up outside my garage, the charger is small enough to fit under the bonnet with it closed too, put it on at night, disconnect when I left for work in the morning, I did it on Thursday night to Friday morning as that’s when my bins go out so I never forgot about it.
  8. I swear by Whiteline, apart from my GC8 Iv used them on every Scoob Iv owned, iv got sway bars and anti roll bars ready to fit to the fossy when my bushes turn up, I went with the Powerflex “yellow” 👍
  9. Iv used them a few times before for parts and cars, they got me the sti RA gearbox, driveshafts, hubs etc that I’m using in my fossy, they’ve also imported a Nissan Stagea Autech for my mate (the rb26 6 speed manual, same as in the r34 gtr) and a Mitsubishi Legnum manual for my father in law.
  10. Welcome dude 🎉👻 First mods are always personal preference, I would recommend you start with the essentials, fluids and filters, wipers, bulbs, battery check etc Not worth putting money into a car that can’t go from A to B. As for mods I start with Wheels and tyres first, then a freer flowing exhaust, then suspension. The stock intake and intercooler are good for 400 horses, give or take, if you want the wooshy turbo noises Iv had nothing but good experience with HKS mushroom intakes, just make sure it’s a genuine one as the fakes can cost you a new turbo as the foam breaks apart
  11. Welcome dude, nice GC8 👍
  12. My original plan was; Blob eye rear spats Gc8 side skirts with a side skirt extension Forester SF front lip Photos below of parts Iv got nearly 3 weeks off work over Xmas, iv got a ton of bondo and fibreglass cloth, spot putty and paint, so plan was to fit parts and respray the entire car, paint iv got is polar arctic white (standard Ford transit colour) with a white Pearl pigment and LD7R, it’s a pepper grey metallic with a heavy fleck (modified VW colour) All the paints Iv had laying around from other projects
  13. Iv only had the car for about 10 weeks, it’s came a long way from what it was 🤣
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