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  1. Filth!!. Looks like an awesome project. Very surprised at the amount of tin worm in the pics!!, from such a new car (I'm used to old cars so consider my last 03 as new lol).
  2. Hi all. I have an 06 Hawkeye and was led to believe that it should have a pin keypad in the funky little tray besides the drivers side knee. Mine just has a switch and dial for the aftermarket dash 😕 does this mean mines been butchered out or did not all wrx's have them?. Cheeers
  3. Cheers buddy. Will defo be working my way through the build threads. Slow start for mine due to funds but first step, cars booked in for a new timing belt in a week or so. Can then put rest of exhaust on prior to map. Heard a map makes a world of difference on these. Certainly did with my Nissan and the beemer 🙂
  4. New to scoobs, got a wrx Hawkeye wagon a couple of weeks ago. Been jap before, had a sweet 200sx s14 for 11 years, then went diesel power with a funky mapped up e46 330d. Miss the power of the diesel but hoping the Scoob will turn out to be a decent platform. Managed to get a pretty much unmolested clean car. Tricky getting used to low power and very different power delivery but fingers crossed this will all change :) very few scoobs it seems in my area, hopefully will come across some members locally. Cheers all, let the learning begin :)
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