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  1. Haha its a nice idea but my commute is 150 miles a day, mostly sat on the M6 haha 😉 it's £500 fuel a month in my derv I'd dread to imagine the cost in a Scooby haha! Can do most work myself which is useful so will try both and see which I prefer 😄
  2. ^^ good advice thanks. How much more reliable is the 2.0 over the 2.5? I have 2 other cars already, one being a daily that needs to be my priority expenses wise, and he's a little sod with expensive 4 figure bills too *rolls eyes*, so maybe adding an Impreza to the collection isn't such a wise idea.... I have a tendency to love cars with expensive faults haha!
  3. Hi all. New here, first post and on the search for my first Scooby... So please forgive me as I'm sure people ask a lot lol(I did search but couldn't find anything)... Type UK vs Jdm, with regards to a Hawkeye STI - what's the difference? Or is just that you're more cool if yours is JDM ;) And GB270 - is this particularly special or is it just your typical automotive manufacturer whacking on a badge and charging more cus they're only a limited number? Thanks in advance guys, hopefully be about more and chatting when I find something that really takes my fancy ;)
  4. Is this still for sale? :)