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Found 11 results

  1. For sale. Aspen White 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX Bought via SOC 5 months ago (see previous post here ) I bought the car with the intended use as a daily driver. However I'm selling due to lack of use (now permanently working from home due to COVID). Original Ad (Mature Enthusiast): 2006 Impreza Hawkeye. White with black / blue cloth interior. STi Wing. Hid Lights. Imported from Japan 2018 Grade 4B. Japanese service history. Recent full service including all belts, oils, filters, whe
  2. Hey all, New member here. Just posted on NASIOC and another sub-forum on here. Im just looking for some advice besides the usual nay-sayers that will always offer the usual buy a WRX. This is out of the question unfortunately. As the title suggests I just bought a 2005 Forester EJ20 XT and im looking to engine swap into my daily 2008 Impreza 1.5r Hatchback non turbo. I have both complete running and driving cars and aim to sell the rest of the forester and my 1.5 engine and gearbox to help fund the project as I go. I have space and some tools but will need to hire an engine cra
  3. Hi I am rebuilding the engine in my 2001 uk300 I have all the bits but the old small ends has 2holes to let the oil in but the new ones only has one they are oem Subaru and can’t seem to find any others do I just fit them with the hole facing the top of the engine so the oil runs down thought or is there 2 types Many thanks joe
  4. Hi all, I've just about finished a hovercraft build which is using an EJ201 (stock & naturally aspirated), and due to using the engine in a hovercraft it worked out a lot easier to get Megasquirt setup on it to tune accordingly. At the moment, the main aim is just to get a safe/reliable tune on to it so that it is running well and smoothly, but unfortunately I can't remember or find info on the web that states clearly what the original stock redline of the EJ201 is, which is probably a safe starting point before trying to increase the power beyond stock. Does anyone know what the redl
  5. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If
  6. Hi there please can you advise , i have a 1997 Forester ( Auto) with an EJ20 Turbo engine . It has the coil pack on the top of the engine , with 4 plug leads going to the plugs . My question is ....... Th motor produced a Knock , so need to replace it , i have the availability of buying a second hand Jap engine in South Africa , for a lot less than an engine rebuild . How different are the engines from one and another the ones i can get hold of are EJ20 Turbo engines , but have Coil on Plug heads will i not just be able to remove these , and use my original coil pack wh
  7. Hi there guys, im posting on behalf of my cousin, hes got a 1993 subaru impreza wrx jdm import for sale. It was imported around 2007 and it is completely original and stock and no modifications have been done to it probably except the stereo lol. This is a version 1 impreza which means it has the more robust closed deck block. it has only 145,000km which translates into approximately 90,000 miles! the car is in excellent condition and is rust free!!! it has a few tiny age related marks which are to be expected seeing its 24 years old it is but very very little dents or scra
  8. Hi guys, As part of the general work on my project GC8 (thread below) - I'm trying to resolve an issue the car seems to have at idle. Essentially, it runs beautifully from cold, and when driven (any throttle application improves the situation). However when warmed up, the idle will drop to the point when it's struggling to run. This can manifest as the car stalling when the clutch is depressed during driving. As a test I've tried unplugging the MAF, this makes things worse. No check engine light is shown. To complicate matters as you might see from the b
  9. Hi guys, do all EJ20 engines use the same flywheels? turbo and non turbo? looking to get a lightened flywheel for my non turbo when I change the clutch, any idea's if I can get one to fit?
  10. I have for sale an EJ20 Open deck Forged engine complete with: Marley pistons and conrods ACL bearings Uprated 12mm cosworth oil pump ARP 2000 head studs New sump and bolts Has only covered 5k since forge rebuild, bought from Scooby Spares in Blackpool and never fitted since purchase £1500 Any questions please ask!
  11. Hello everyone.I own a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.0X(european version/158hp)naturally aspirated.I am curious if i can turn my aspirated engine in a turbo one.The EJ20 which is mounted on 2006 X,is also in turbo boosted edition on 2003-2005 Forester or on the 'Bugeye" Impreza.I want to know if I can make an engine swap ,mounting an EJ20turbo on my car,or if I can make my own engine turbo. If I will try to modify my engine,which parts I should change,and how much it will cost(approximate price).I am not sure if I must change my transmission or the gearbox,taking in consideration that the power o
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