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  1. Congratulations! Any pictures or spec?
  2. I would stay away from the Hawkeye if possible. The 2 litre is a better engine. Plus if you can find a set of Prodrive springs from an STi bug then you are laughing!
  3. Have a look on eBay. Try Import Car Parts website as well.
  4. @stilettoimp Well done, sounds like you are on your way with some of those DIY bits. My car is totally stock, apart from having a Prodrive cat-back exhaust system. It is lovely! It doesn't idle much louder than a stock system, and when cruising it isn't offensive at all. When you open up it still has some refinement in comparison to aftermarket units which tend to be a lot louder. If you read through a lot of exhaust topics loads of people think the Prodrive system is the best OEM+ option. If you change any performance components I would have thought a map is necessary. But dou
  5. Mine was originally from Derby and I drove to Norfolk to get it! Also, I forgot to mention I was told by my specialist to make sure you use a genuine Subaru oil filter at all times. And try to find out if the up-pipe has been swapped out for one without a cat. There is a lot of information out there which says the moment you tune them you should swap up-pipe out
  6. YouTube is an absolutely amazing tool. There is a channel which has a lot of videos on the same model but the saloon and they are made really well. Spark plugs are covered on there but if you are not fully clued up with the boxer engine then check the video as it is not as straight forward as a traditional engine layout. If the car is chipped then it is recommended by tuners you take the spark plugs down a heat level. Double check that. As for oils, I recently took my car to a Subaru specialist and he used Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 10w40. Added the link below those vide
  7. Dry it out as per above post, then switch out batteries and see what happens. Hopefully that works.
  8. Yeah I bought fresh caliper bolts, pins and brake pad fitting kits.
  9. Just came back from the Lake District in my 2004 WRX. Managed 370 miles before the reserve light came on. So probably could have got 400 out of the tank. Mainly motorway miles at approx 70-73mph most of the way in 5th. Only ever accelerated hard 3 times on slip roads. How many miles have people managed out of the reserve amount?
  10. Thank you for the recommendation guys. Godspeed did a tidy job.
  11. Interesting, with your remap do you notice any difference to your MPG? As stock mine is awful, looking at around 265 -280 miles per tank. And I'm tsking it easy 75% of the time. Hahaha! Thanks for the info.
  12. Hi, I should have been clearer. It is a Prodrive exhaust ONLY. Not the PPP. After doing a bit more reading my understanding is that the Bugeye had the up pipe issues, and supposedly the Blobeye was updated and the cat removed from up pipe. Still after confirmation from anyone who has more knowledge than me!
  13. Morning all, Just recently purchased a 04' GDA WRX in standard form, apart from a Prodrive exhaust. Does the Prodrive exhaust come as a back box only or should it be a full system? I had a look under the car but I'm not 100% sure as to what I'm looking for to confirm. I've been doing a lot of reading and found out about the up-pipe cat and risk of it being sucked in to the turbo. Is this something I should swap out even if I plan to keep the car as standard? Some posts said it only needs changing if you plan to modify for more power. I'm just after some clarity so
  14. Thanks all, appreciate the time and comments. I've looked more in to it, and I think I may send them off to Ian @ Godspeed after numerous recommendations and positive feedback. It will save me time and hassle and I can rest easy knowing they will be 100%!
  15. I will have to check it out on YouTube to see what it entails. I've done some minor works on cars in the past so it might be within my capabilities.
  16. Hi all, The offside front caliper on my 2004 WRX must be sticking as the brake pad is worn a lot more than the nearside pad. I am also getting the occasional squeal. I'm new to the Impreza so not got a whole lot of experience yet but I know this is a common issue. I'm thinking instead of sending off for a refurb....would it be better to buy a new set of front calipers (or newly refurbished) and then sell my current set to make up the difference? Or, if anyone can recommend otherwise please let me know. All advice will be appreciated! Thanks, R
  17. Thanks for the reply Tidgy. I've only just spotted the Impreza subforum. I imagine I'm better off posting in there. Any chance this topic can be moved over to there with the help of a moderator?
  18. Good morning all, As a new owner I have a load of questions to ask but will start off with the most important for now as the front pads are due a change. The brake feel is very different in this car from the other 2 I own. Harder pedal with a lot less travel. Is this to do with the level of servo assistance or just how the Impreza is set up? They have to be worked quite hard in my opinion. It could be that I am coming from slightly newer more comfort focused cars (06' E90 325i and 07' Audi TT) and the contrast is noticeable. The seller also mentioned Subaru used harder pads
  19. Hi all, Very excited to say I now own a 04' Impreza WRX. Drove 3 hours to collect, well worth it due to condition, mileage and history. It has the Prodrive exhaust fitted, as well as a full Alpine sound system supplied and fitted by Subaru, after the original owner from new complained of the drop in sound quality! The rest is completely original. Looking forward to learning more about ownership, servicing and maintenance through the forums. R
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