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    Received my Rally License in 2017 from Dirtfish and have been following the sport for many years. Always down to go to another race event.
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  1. Side Pillar.pdfHi, can anyone tell me what these are? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I am looking at two petrol Outbacks for sale. Both have 130k miles on them, but one is a 4 cylinder and the other a 6 cylinder. They are £500 difference in price. 2004 Outback: 2.0 non-turbo 4 cylinder (cam-belt has been replaced), 130k miles. 2008 Outback: 3.0, 6 cylinder (has not had cam-chains replaced), 130k miles. Wondering which one would be the better choice for reliability, maintenance, petrol, etc. Any thoughts would be helpful, thank you!
  3. Had some family over and had our niece to draw the logo
  4. Had some family over and had our niece to draw the logo
  5. Had some family over and asked our niece to draw the logo
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. I'll stay clear of them!
  7. Hi All! I am on my 7th Subaru (2 Forester's, Outback, XV Crosstrek. and 2 STI's), my current Subaru is an 09 Justy (technically not a Subaru). We live in Scotland and are wanting to get a true Subaru again, I am looking at another Forester XT or Legacy. One of the Forester's I am looking at is a diesel. I have never owned a diesel model before so I am a bit nervous about it. It's a 2010, 130k miles and a one owner. I have others that I am looking at that are petrol, but I wanted to see what advice anyone could give on a 2010 diesel motor and if they have had problems. We might not stay in Scot
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