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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had to phone the dealers direct, still never had a reply to my website enquiries. I have decided to go with Richtoy near the Humber bridge in October and give them a try. They were about £60 cheaper than Sheffield.
  2. My first dealings with Subaru through their website. I sent a request to my two nearest dealers a day and a half ago through the website asking for a quote for the first service. Not a single reply. Not a good start... Hopefully their service is better than their communications. Andy
  3. New Levorg with self levelling LED headlights. Not had an issue with mine so far. Sometimes coming over a brow or going over bumps they seem a bit slow to adjust, but not had anyone flashing me.
  4. Hi and welcome to the site. Real nice car.
  5. DPF/EGR worries and past problems made me change to petrol as well. I know loads of people who have had issues including myself and my son.
  6. I have just changed from a diesel Insignia tourer to a petrol Levorg with CVT. The Insignia averaged around 45 mpg on diesel. I'm averaging around 36 or 37 with the petrol Levorg for the same type of driving (Mixed town and country). I can get over 40 on a long journey. I'm quite happy with that as it is petrol and permanent four wheel drive. I used to have an Audi A6 with a DGT gearbox and find the CVT is smoother than that once you get used to it. It does seem to rev high overtaking and on steep inclines. But as that is only about 5% of the time in the 95% of normal driving the car is extremely smooth and quiet. Hope this helps. Andy
  7. I have just changed from an Insignia Tourer Elite to a Levorg. The car is new so as you would expect no bills as yet. However I'm loving having a Subaru. There is just something about it and having something different.
  8. I don't know about an Outback workshop manual but I found an online Legacy manual which may come in handy for certain items. http://www.sulegacy.com/subaru_legacy_service_manual-653.html
  9. What was the cost for the oil change? Thanks
  10. I put Michelin Cross Climate on my wife's Insignia and had them on my last company Audi. Great tyres, don't think I would buy anything else now. Unfortunately as I have a new car I will have to wait a while and run the stock Dunlops down for a while yet...
  11. My Levorg shows the CVT gearbox is sealed for life but does need regular oil changes if used for towing which is a pain but is what it is. Having a look it appears to have a transmission oil cooler fitted as standard. (At least it has a small radiator with two pipes going to the transmission which I presume is an oil cooler) It is a 2.0 non-turbo. Andy
  12. Not sure about the Outback but in the Levorg the switch is on panel on the roof near the rear view mirror.
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