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  1. OK, in that case I'll be ordering a new boot rather than a whole new driveshaft. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks so much for the advice - much appreciated! I've seen a video of the front driveshaft removal, and it doesn't look terribly different to conventional front-drive cars I've worked on in the past. How difficult is it to split the inner CV joint in order to get a new boot on? I must confess I was looking at a complete drive shaft as a quick way of replacing a failed inner CV boot. It's on my brother-in-law's car, and despite the CV boot looking just fine before we sent it off for MOT, it was in two pieces when it came back...
  3. Hi everyone, Quick question: will a front driveshaft intended for a 2001 Legacy 2.5 also be a fit for a 2001 Outback 2.5? I only ask because I can see that new driveshafts on eBay marked for that age Legacy are really cheap, but Outback ones are a bit more expensive, but they look the same to me. (Also, apologies if this isn't the right bit of the forum for this question!)
  4. Hi everyone, Hoping for some wisdom regarding the above. I'm helping a friend (who isn't really a car person) to fix his 2001 Subaru Outback 2.5. We've ascertained that it needs a new lambda sensor, but I'm struggling to find a replacement. I can see there are two sensors going into the section of the exhaust that contains two catalytic converters. There is one that goes in end-on, and seems to run pre-cat. And there's one that goes in from the top, after the first cat. It's this one that is the issue - the car hesitates and splutters a lot, and won't rev, unless you unplug that sensor. My confusion relates to the following... The sensor that needs to be replaced is a four-wire sensor, but when I look on eBay for matching parts I only get three-wire sensors come back. What's all that about? Does anyone know what other sensors (i.e. from other cars) are a match, technically? I found one intended for various Fords and Volvos that looks identical apart from the plug. The only Subaru sensor I could find that has the right connector is this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142804741377 - but that is not listed as matching this car, and is also described as a front sensor - presume ours is a rear sensor? I'll try and add some pics here so you can see what we've got. I'm pretty certain it's original as it was a one-owner car from an old couple, and doesn't seem to have been fiddled with. Would be very grateful for any advice you can offer!
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