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  1. Check this out guys and grab your self a real head turner
  2. certainly will guys, im pritty pevved off with them, i thought that they would be good to deal with as they official, but looks like once they have the cash they dont want to know, iv spent over £500 on bits and bobs from them, wished id never bought anything from them now
  3. Hey all Has anyone had any dealing with Pro-r.? After my experiance with them i shall never buy ANYTHING from them again Long story short bought spoiler almost 3 months ago, it was missing prodrive badges and lots of fixing points... keep asking about the badges but i am getting no responce both by phone or e-mail... i bought the spoiler because it said prodrive, and now after about 100 non returned phone calles and gawd knows how many mails they are telling me that they are having to get the badges made, however they cant say when and to top it off they want to make them saying Impreza or Subaru.... i basically told them that this is not acceptable, i bought the prodrive spoiler because i wanted a prodrive spoiler.. cant get a refund as iv paid to get it sprayed and its on the car... so in my opinoin steer clear of PRO-r or should be UN-pro-r
  4. sounds good, but will have to decide near the time...
  5. nice motor fella, nice little uk spec you have ya self there, where about in kernow are ya, im in plymouth but im always in cornwall working.... once again nice classic, in my eyes always has been and always will be the best shape
  6. not really anything i can add to whats already been added, so best of luck with the diag. however i will say my mate had a 911 turbo and he can assure you that the cosworth WILL give the 911 turbo a awsome battle on b-roads except when it comes to pot holes. and thats from the horses mouth
  7. IS IT??? i did not now that, even had it on the back window with a small gap at top... often wonderd when people get stopped for having it on the front side windows why they dont just roll the windows down instead of taken it off, just to **** the old bill off
  8. that will look nice jay, was going to go black but thought it might look a bit to black if there is such a thing, however not sure weather to go limo tint on the back sections or silver for windo tints. this is what i had done on my old wagon (THAT I REALLY MISS)
  9. cheers gambit, taken me that long to clean and get time to get pics im so slack, or should i say !Removed! weather, still not finished yet altho i was a little !Removed! of when i got my new tax renewal in, gone up to £280 a year, i may as well gone and bought a late 2006 if i new that was going to be the case
  10. holy molly, that sure saved you a few bob, nice to know it was fixed with a little screw
  11. such a shame that there are wanka dealers who are aonly out to make a penny, really hope that she gets fixed up and you can enjoy her.
  12. Finally got my backside in gear and got subaru to stick my back wing on, as i moaned like a big girl they did it for free GAMBIT would be proud of me. still missing the prodrive badges but they are getting some made up for me, been a few weeks so might see if i can get some more freebies... YES IT NEEDS A CLEAN
  13. iv just had mibe MOTd, i have a full decat so iv been told and it flew thru about from break pads and lowering lights but that was on the last rules, so dont know what will happen whe i go again in a year, thing is it was fitted by prodrive, how would i go about putting a normal catted pipe on, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT REALLY
  14. Nice little motor, i would tint deffo, and you can pick up crystal headlights really cheap now, i would also put clear side lights on