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  1. Happy Birthday Mephiston2k!

  2. Work for Jaguar Land Rover in power train development. Main role is emissions testing vehicles on a 4wd Dyno. Had quite a few different jobs but seem to have got stuck here but the pay's alright to be fair.. and a move up would mean a drop too. More responsibility less money... makes sense!
  3. Yeah its a rare skill outside of somewhere like my workplace. I operate a 4wd dyno which costs 10x the amount of those you see in any tuner/garage. Its also better to have a car mapped on a dyno for consistency. The previous owner of my car had it mapped on the road and they were claiming it was pushing around 380bhp.... a major difference to 315bhp which it is actually running at lol.
  4. Yeah I've not heard overly brilliant things about scooby clinic either, API seem ok but they like to sell you stuff you likely don't need. Whereas Mark will ask what spec YOU want from the car and suggest the means to getting it. Eg I now need around £4k worth of additions to get from 315bhp upto 420ish. One good point is that he's good at mapping vehicles, so you're not having to pay for someone to come in to do the work like API who don't have their own individual who can map an ecu which always costs a great deal more. The other one to watch is the likes of fast !Removed!, whilst a couple of them are nice lads, they're not specialists or highly experienced. For example they set up the suspension on my WRX without using the camber adjustment on the top mounts which causes the wheel to catch. Almost highlighting the lack of experience and knowledge in how things should be set up.
  5. Upto you mate, he will answer emails etc but up until now he's not on any sites like west mids imprezas who are the main group for our area. We've been offered some regular overtime at work which over the proposed 3 months could equal me getting a new turbo and fmic for the motor... and I'll def be bugging him for it all :)
  6. Highly unlikely to be fair, best bet for quotes/information on having work done is to email him via the website. He doesn't advertise a great deal or try to take trade from others. I guess most of his work comes in via word of mouth and repeat customers. For example I now would not go anywhere else to have work done on my vehicle. Unfortunately he doesn't bother with the likes of FB with being so busy.
  7. Nice one, thanks I'll be reading that tonight :) Looks like the systems differ a bit between the hatch and new age cars. Mike
  8. Yep yep yep :D Probably needs a front mount though, then a decent turbo. Both are going to cost £1200+ each though...... damn cars lol
  9. To go with the norm would require 'normal' people... Take one look at Gambit and you'll see this place isn't normal lol
  10. Love the fog light covers, gotta stand out somehow!
  11. :) I'm from Lichfield/Tamworth originally so wondered if you were local. Have you tried West Mids Imprezas? Another good bunch to join up with.
  12. Yeah mate, it was this motor, a R33 Gtr or a red R34 Gtt that I'd seen for sale. Pretty glad I got this as at least I dont have the issues of a 18/19 year old motor like the R33.
  13. All it needs really is a bigger turbo and can get some decent power from it ;) But before that I want to change the tyres and anti roll bars. Still yet to get my head around the elec diff settings... Really should read the manual about them lol.
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