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  1. I'm only new here and new to Subaru but absolutely itching to get to a show, would be great to be part of a club stand. Have 2 young kids though so would need to confim closer to the time.
  2. Hello All I have a weird issue. Most times i start the car i have the battery and handbrake lights flash on and off at me for the first few minutes of a drive. They eventually stop and stay off. On 2 occasions in the last 3 months they have just come on and stayed on till i switch the car off. Once off and i switch the car back on they stay off. My battery is good and tested ok. Only thing i have done is add a double din to the car. Anyone have any intermittent issues with those lights or know what could be causing them to light up on starting?
  3. Ello All. My GT is RyZer12M I mostly play Destiny 2, but dip into Cyberpunk, Ori, Forza 7 and Halo stuff. Give me a shout.
  4. Hello All I have browsed these forums for some time, but not posted much. I had an very fun modified Accord Type R for many years, but have always wanted a subaru I am now a super happy owner of a 2005 WRX300 (i hope). I has had an engine rebuild 6 months ago and lots of parts replaced so hopefully reliable for a while. I have sooo many stupid questions 😄 But firstly, can anyone reccomed a known trusted subaru specialist near Glossop. I would just like a speciaslist to do a full check on it and the first oils change to have a base ownership. And i have a new
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