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  1. Sorry been quiet. Im still ok to come and ill PayPal you the money this week!
  2. Unused subaru legacy brembo discs and mintex brake pads for sale. Collection only at the moment from Stourbridge due to weight, but can meet half way possibly. See photos for codes. £70 ono
  3. Cant vote for more than one. But also santa pod and Isle of Wight sounds interesting will have a look at that
  4. Yes ill still be up for this but I will have to be brave and bring my boys as well.
  5. I'm hoping to be there for 8. Leave about 6
  6. Ill book on later and I will ask on the local group as a few wanted to go
  7. Me too it was good last year
  8. @Sclark01 @scottrobo23@GeoffLeggy??
  9. I'd be up for this. Im going their spring show end of March see what its like.
  10. Still an enjoyable day even in the rain
  11. No which was a shame, left not long after two and it still wasnt ready.
  12. Weather forecast has changed from ⚡ to heavy rain. Will many still be going?
  13. We will be able to have our own meet at this rate 😂. Saw a blobeye this morning near Halesowen on the way to work. Was it you Trob? 😂