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  1. Ill book on later and I will ask on the local group as a few wanted to go
  2. Me too it was good last year
  3. @Sclark01 @scottrobo23@GeoffLeggy??
  4. I'd be up for this. Im going their spring show end of March see what its like.
  5. Still an enjoyable day even in the rain
  6. No which was a shame, left not long after two and it still wasnt ready.
  7. Weather forecast has changed from ⚡ to heavy rain. Will many still be going?
  8. We will be able to have our own meet at this rate 😂. Saw a blobeye this morning near Halesowen on the way to work. Was it you Trob? 😂
  9. Came across this website thought id share incase it's useful for anyone. Just put in subaru in the search, service manuals and owners manuals are free to download.
  10. I imagine you can turn up and pay on the day. Its £12 to be on the club stand just put your name down on the japfest forum section and message @GeoffLeggy to sort payment.
  11. Nice, thats handy! Yes going to japfest everyone is nice and friendly if your thinking of it.
  12. Not sure if ill camp this time 🤣 unless i come more prepared
  13. Ill keep my eye out. Do you go to any of the shows? Off to japshow with this club its a good day out