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  1. gemlp82

    Japfest 2021

    Ok thanks guys I'll have a little think tonight my only concern if I had to fork out money for tickets prior to show and there are no shows or payments etc
  2. gemlp82

    Japfest 2021

    @savage bulldogs @DaveRACdo you know how the club can get the tickets. I'm not sure if the moderators have to order them first? Cant remember how we did it last time.
  3. gemlp82

    Japfest 2021

    If anyone is a definite yes we could try get some more to join in and get something sorted. I'm a yes
  4. gemlp82

    Japfest 2021 Hope this link works let me know if not. Be good to go as a club as you can get in earlier and closer to the action.
  5. gemlp82

    Japfest 2021

    4th September 2021 tickets on sale for Japfest. Any plans for a club meet?
  6. Set of 4 alloys from a legacy. Any offer considered just trying to make room. Dy8 area collection only.
  7. Another last little shout if anyone wants to come along please visit the event page and let me know where you will be joining and what you will want to eat!!
  8. Thank you more the merrier and if you can share even better 🙂
  9. Hi ive created a charity drive down to Turweston Flight Centre with stops along the way where money will be raised for the local hospice. Id really love to have a good turn up so please have a look at the link and see of you would be interested in joining in. Thanks
  10. Glad you got some dry weather. Hopefully next year ill get to a few more. One of those years
  11. Sorry all I got up and ready then lookrd at the forecast again. Im back to bed. Shame as was looking forward to it
  12. The forecast is pretty dire will you still all be going?
  13. @DaveRAC ill have one more if its spare. Have a friend that may come
  14. Ill put a shout out on local groups just incase
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