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  1. Car has been fine now that the CEL off and all the other lights it throws up
  2. Ended up going TDRacing. Top guys and great service.
  3. Hi Iam from Halesowen ,West mids and my legacy twinscroll has the same fault.,where did u find to do this and is it a complete removal or just a sensor disable.thanks chris

  4. No problem. I would rather keep the stock wheels over some rota's. Was hoping someone might be selling some Ray's, Enkei's or Works wheels for a good price. May just have to buy some brand new.
  5. Hi All, Is anyone selling any good aftermarket wheels? Preferably in black or bronze? Thanks, Connor
  6. I have it booked in at a place near me to get it mapped out next week. It seems to be a lot cheaper to map out the air pump than get a replacement. Don't feel like paying £200+ for a used pump that could break again at some point.
  7. That's great then. I have found someone near me that can do it for a good price.
  8. Yes I read a lot of good things about them. I have been on the phone with them today to speak about some issues. Thank you for the recommendation.
  9. Hi All, Can anyone recommend any Subaru specialists/tuners (anyone who knows there Suabru s*** lol) etc around the midlands area? Thanks, Connor
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. If I do get it removed will it still pass it's MOT? Also if I get it removed it will need a remap to get rid of the CEL. Can anyone recommend an Subaru specialists in the midlands that would do that for a good price? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi All, This morning I got a check engine light when I started my car. After looking into the fault I have a feeling that it is the secondary air pump. Has anyone has this issue before? If so should I try and find a replacement pump or should I go down the route or EGR/air pump delete? Any advise would be appreciated.
  12. Yeah this is the issue I have. Some people say don't as you can have issues and some say they haven't ran into any. I will have to see in the future as I will be doing wheels and suspension first :)
  13. Whats the GFB BOV like so far? I was looking at getting one for mine but I wasn't sure if it would cause engine issues with out a re-tune?
  14. Hmm if I had to describe I would say it is a rattle sound. It sounds like maybe a pulley or a bearing. Hope that helps.
  15. Hi All, I have noticed that my car is making a loud noise on start up but it only seems to do it on a cold start. Once the car has warmed up a bit the noise completely stops. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks, Connor