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  1. Thank you, I wasn't sure if I would prefer it to the satin black but I think it beats it 🙂
  2. Hi All, The build has been quiet for a while until last week. I finally had time to get the car wrapped in its new colour and I am so happy with how it has turned out. It is not completely done just yet as I need to finish the side skirts and install the full HT Autos lip kit. Here are some pictures of it so far. I will add some more once I have the last bits done and the kit installed 🙂
  3. So the new colour has finally arrived. Now to find the time to wrap it 🙂
  4. So I now have the car back after repairs. They have done a great job getting the damage out. Now to decide on a new colour...
  5. Hi Rob, I also have a 2011 STI. I used godspeed brakes when I needed mine updated. I have linked below to your model car so you can take a look: https://www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk/191-impreza-2008-onwards-sti They do some package deals if you need discs and pads.
  6. Not sure tbh. I'm opening the door just enough to get in so it doesn't scrape too bad. It gets collected on Monday to be fixed. Should be covered by the other persons insurance.
  7. So I have had more bad luck. Someone reversed into me while I was queuing to leave tesco on Saturday 😞 My door and fender keep scraping of each other when I open the door to get in and out.
  8. Yeah I get that. Got nothing against those cars, in fact some are very nice. But it is just a shame. I guess loud, fun cars arent for everyone lol 🙂
  9. Not a fan that they are going down the auto and non turbo car route. It will be sad seeing the US and Japan getting new models and us getting nothing over here.
  10. It does seem that way. Yeah it is quite sad. They are not releasing STI's over here now are they?
  11. I agree, especially when they did WR blue for the US and Japan.
  12. I do think a nice blue would look good on my shape tbf. Especially as we didn't even get a WR blue for the 11 - 14 STI in the UK. There's too many colour options to choose from
  13. Is that the darker, more navy colour blue?
  14. There are so many colours I think would look good, including he satin black. Maybe I need more cars lol 🙂
  15. So, there hasn't been much to update recently. I did get a new replacement wheel so I am back on the road. More upgrades to come soon though. Did manage to get out for a shoot with my friend yesterday. I have added some of the photos below: I am tempted to wrap the car again already too. Not sure whether I want keep the satin black (which I do love) or try midnight purple. What do you guys think?
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