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  1. I was going to order one to fit tomorrow but they had one in stock at a local car shop so I have been to get it fitted on my lunch break. Appreciate all the help though 🙂
  2. I will have a look around at what is out there. I think the one I have in it at the moment is a bosch one.
  3. Any brands to go for or does it not really matter with car batteries?
  4. Hi All, I have been having issues with my battery for the last week or so and I am now looking at getting a new one. Where is the best/cheapest place to order a new one from? Thanks,
  5. I thought it looked like where the secondary air pump went. That is why I asked which side it was on. Usually its either left in place with no power going to it or removed as you said and blanked off at the back. If it is blanked off correctly it shouldn't be the cause of any power loss. When does the power loss happen?
  6. Where abouts in the engine is this blanked off? Is it to the right (passenger side) of the engine/alternator?
  7. Will do mate. My mate works at a company that makes exhaust so he might be making one for me. Not 100% sure yet though.
  8. Not too much so far. Mainly ascetic bits at the moment. Hoping soon to do new wheels, suspension, intake, full exhaust system and then a remap.
  9. Looks great mate. I have never seen a grey one on the roads. I've only ever seen white and midnight purple (because I test drove them). Ended up picking up a black one myself. Have you got any plans for it in the future?
  10. Same as me then although mines a 2011 one. It is nice to see someone else with one, you don't see many about 🙂 I look forward to some pictures.
  11. Great choice of car. I love the 11-14 shape Subaru's. Did you get the hatch or Saloon?
  12. I used TDRacing when I had this issue. Left the air pump in place but mapped it out and it didn't take long at all. Was also a lot cheaper than getting a used pump.
  13. I know it's addictive 🙂 That's why I have taken it slow so far. But I will have had the car for 3 years in June and it needs some changes. Not a huge fan of the stock wheels on the 11 - 14 STI so want to change those too. I will keep a camera handy and make sure to film/take pictures for updates. Any other upgrades people think are worth doing please let me know (and what I should look at upgrading first)
  14. I agree. I went down when my secondary air pump failed to get it mapped out as was cheaper than replacing the pump (which is only used on cold starts). Really friendly and helpful and couldn't stop myself asking questions while I was there. Obviously that lead to talks of more power lol 🙂
  15. Map is definitely something I want to get done. I don't think the one with the 340R pack is the best. I have spoken with TDRacing and they suggested downpipe and intake then a remap with them. Would like to do some more trackdays but this car is also my daily. I will have a look into the options you have suggested. Thank you 🙂