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  1. CRG77

    Subaru Hatchback Wheels

    They are slightly darker than the standard silver more of a gunmetal colour (which I prefer) and that no good at all.
  2. CRG77

    Subaru Hatchback Wheels

    I can't see why it wouldn't but not too sure
  3. CRG77

    Subaru Hatchback Wheels

    I think they should fit. Looking on wheel size some came with similar spec only difference is offset was 53.
  4. Used Subaru Impreza Hatchback wheels. Few marks and scuffs. Anthracite/Gun metal colour. Comes with tyres. Tyres are Maxxis Victra Z3 with approximately 3mm tread. Any questions please inbox. Looking for £170 but I am open to offers. Looking for quick sale as I do not have room to store these and have been messed around by people on ebay. 17 X 7J 5 X 100 Offset 55
  5. CRG77

    Impreza Hatch Shock absorbers

    Messaged a lot of them but haven't heard back or they don't have the part I need :(
  7. CRG77

    Impreza Hatch Shock absorbers

    have you got a link as cannot seem to find it?
  8. Hi All, I am looking for a passenger side shock absorber for my 2008 RX. I have recently lowered my car 30mm all around and the passenger side is starting to leak oil. Is anyone breaking down a 2.0 R/RX or a 2.5 WRX that would have theses parts? Or can anyone recommend any aftermarket ones. Thanks,
  9. You won't notice much noise if you just swap the back box which is what I originally did. But with this exhaust and also removing the mid silencer you get a nice loud noise. It's not too loud that it gets annoying but it turns some heads when you drive past. I does look really nice on the car and makes it sound more like a subaru. I will try add some pictures when I can.
  10. CRG77

    Air Intake Scoop Clips

    Cheers guys ill take a look.
  11. I got this for my RX and got the mid silencer removed and sounds a lot nicer and louder now
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get the correct clips for a Impreza hatch air intake scoop, as pictured below? I ordered the incorrect ones as they were slightly to big. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you :) I wasn't 100% sure if they would fit so I went with 2.0r hatch springs.
  14. Height for speedbumps is not to bad. Haven't had it scrape yet. Handling is a lot better with stiffer springs but it isn't rock hard so it is still comfortable when driving.
  15. I have finally had the time install my lowering springs on my RX hatch. Took myself and a friend about 4 hours on Saturday and we got it done just before the rain came hammering down. Now that I have put 18" wheels on as well it fills the arch more and I think it look a lot better. I have added some photos too. P.S getting off my mates driveway was fun...