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  1. Google Turbo Monkeys in Boston, well worth the drive, highly recommended SUBARU specialist, not that far from Cambridgeshire.
  2. Well I suppose it would get to 20K - as 2 front tyres about 2.6-3 MM now, so I swapped them with the rear ones this Friday and I would expect it to last at least 20K - by then I would definitely need to get new tyres. They're good tyres, don't get me wrong, very good grip in wet, but I'm not buying them again -))))) Some tyres just wear out very fast, Summer Toyo or Yokohama for example, they grip well, but don't last long.
  3. The same tyres here as well - and it's an off-road actually ( a road in the forest) - there is a SAND and Ice under the snow - it's basically 4x4 only road and I'm talking about big guys like disco, etc.. The video is not great, but in reality not many cars will make it up hill in snow, if you pay attention you will notice the torque distribution, even LSD had kick in to make it up hill as there are 2 areas where you literally have all the weight on a single rear tyre (driver side in my case) - good luck driving there with the open diffs -)
  4. Well that's the problem, my tyres VERY soft, it's a SUMMER tyre - called WETPROOF. And I think i've done at least 10K miles in about a year, but I was expecting much better life. I have even wear, my suspension is basically like new from Impreza Sti 2005, all the bushes are brand new, everything suspension related is in very very good condition with new camber bolts and professional 4 wheel tracking with good camber as well and I even have the rear camber bots and -1.3 degree camber - which makes the handling even better. So no, in my case it's NOT the suspension issues, or the tracking - it's simply the tyres which don't last long, just like Yokohama or Toyo summer tyres. And you are right, forester is very good when it comes to tyres, indeed, simply because my previous tyres last WAAAAAY longer - in fact for 4 years!!!!! And I think it was about 36K miles ish - down to 2mm thread all 4, when I replaced them. I will be buying them again, good all year tyre for the UK climate, amazing in snow/ice/off-road as well - here is an example for you - Mind you I have electronic TORQUE distribution, which can send the torque to the rear/front or 50/50, or save on petrol during the motorway drive with 90% FWD and on top of that - rear LSD - here is the result, where I was driving slow on purpose, to make it much harder and more realistic (I had the standard suspension back then) -
  5. That simply means the mechanics you called are not skilled enough. A skilled mechanic wouldn't care about the make/model, as the principles are the same. I'm the IT professional, running my own business and providing the IT support in the UK, I fix the computers so as a comparison - I can fix any PC, even if it's 30 years old and custom built, not HP/Dell/Lenovo/IBM brands, as the way they work is exactly the same and I don't need to a book either as I've been fixing them for the last 19 years. My point is that it's exactly the same with cars, when I brought my Subaru to my mechanic it was the fist time he worked on a Forester... But he did well and didn't charge me anything extra, in fact I would drive for 2 hours for a good mechanic as the service is not something you do every day. And depending where about in Cambridgeshire you are - driving to Milton Keynes is a pleasure with a nice dual carriageway most of the time. I drive all over the country in my car I was in Blackpool in March and Lowestoft in February, but !Removed! corona ruined all the business for me...
  6. Yes, I have a summer Nokian - WETPROOF - the compound is too soft, and I would be lucky to get 2 years of life with them, the front ones are already 3mm... I've just rotated them, the rear ones were about 5mm. And Yes I had a puncture already -) I totally agree with your comments, I really liked Dunlop Sport Fast Reponse in the past for the summer tyres, because the wet grip was amazing and they didn't wear as fast as Nokian or Toyo (summer). But defeinitely look for Toyo Snowproxes if you're looking for an all year round tyre.
  7. No I have Nokian WeProof now and will NOT be getting them again. I used Toyo Snowpoxes before and the wear is very good, wet grip is very good, but they're amazing in snow and off-road. So definitely give them a try if you need for the mud... They're made in Japan by the way, not China, good quality tyres for all year round, unless you live in Spain.
  8. Front diff - £15 oil + 20 min job Rear diff - £15 oil + 15 min job Tyres (2x P7s) - £depending on the brand and size of your rims - about £70 for a decent tyre 16 inch + £15 to fit/balance, each Diagnostic - About £35 with my mechanic Full service - oil + all the filters + gearbox oil - £30 oil, £40 gearbox oil - 5L, £15 air filter, £10 - fuel filter, £10 Subaru Oil filter - labour well I can do it on my drive way in about 2 hours (I've been doing it for my Forester for the last 5 years) I'm not mechanic by no means, so probably 1 hour with a ramp in a garage, MAX. Spark plugs - 30 min job (UNDER THE CAR) if you have the tools for the job, the cost of the actual plugs - about £9 per plug - top of the range Iridium plugs. I wouldn't worry about the plugs though, the default plugs for these cars are PLATINUM and they're good for 150K miles...
  9. Well I can recommend a good mechanic in Milton Keynes area - if you're happy to drive for an hour. Honest guy, a lot of experience - 1 man garage for maany years, does an amazing job at a fraction of a price compared to the dealerships. I would stay away from the dealerships to be honest, they use crap oil and know feck all about the cars, they're not mechanics but fitters. All the want is to rip you off.
  10. Forester is VERY good on tyres -) compared to an average FWD, I used to change my front tyres on my Glaza V every year... Civic is no better. Just get another tyres manufacturer, some tyres wear out VERY FAST, the other will last longer.
  11. Hi. Yes, unfortunately my NOKIAN didn't last much either, front is 3mm barely 1 year FFS.... Rear 5MM. Try Toyo Snowpoxes (they're fine in the summer as well, unless it's 30+ C) - SOOO MUCH better for wear - used them for 4 years and over 35K miles. These Nokian - WetProof in my case will barely last me 18-20K miles... (if rotated in time).
  12. Hi all, I'm not sure how to price it yet, but I've been driving this Forester for the last 5 years and it has been amazing, truly amazing car, the only thing I would have done to it is to convert it to a Manual gearbox as it would be a lot more fun then and it can be easily done as an Impreza gearbox would fit nicely (bolt on), I was quoted £1000 to do the job with a brand new clutch... Currently lowered with an OEM Subaru Impreza STI 2005, handles like a dream. The car is in an import so it's in KM - currently 208 000 KM (about 130K miles). It's well looked after and I spent about £9k in total, keeping it in a good shape.
  13. No pictures of the engine bay? Nice looking car - I have a very similar one - T/Tb 1997, which looks more aggressive. What's the gearbox code on these Sti?