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  1. Hi The 50 amp Fuse is located in the engine compartment. It is within the engine bay fuse box. It should be a purple colour. Hope that helps.
  2. HI I have a 2011 Diesel Outback and no problems with noise. Was all around Scotland over the summer and it was ok. At one stage I even managed to get fuel consumption of 52MPG. and that was around 70 on motorways
  3. That no problems. I may just ask the local person I use to do any major works to see his thoughts on it. It seems easy if you look at it but if something else needs to be replace I would not tackle it. Not something I want to mess up
  4. Does anyone know how hard it would be to replace the drive belts. Was thinking of doing it myself if not to hard. Is there anything that should be replaced at the same time, like water pump or tension pully etc. Either that of fire it into local mechanic and let him do it for me. 71K on the clock at the moment.
  5. Within Northern Ireland we don't have any Shell garages any more. So I can only use BP Ultimate. I do find I get more mpg and it runs smoother and punchier. Have to fill up again so I might put in regular diesel and see if any difference. If so I think I may just keep running on the Ultimate.
  6. Right throwing this out for any response. Is it worth using the likes of BP Ultimate,( this is all we have over here as we don't have any Shell Garages) both petrol and diesel. I have been using it in my diesel outback and have notice a bit of difference. Was wondering what others think. I do feel a better response from engine and more miles than using regular diesel.
  7. Just ended up going to local supplier and got new pads for both front and rear. Started yesterday and got the front complete. Disks are still in fairly good condition but pads were getting low. Replaced the pad carriers with shiny new sliver ones. Will hope to do the back later on this week. Must also clean up the front clapiers and re-spray sliver. Will have to do the same to the back. Also allows to get a look around the suspension to make sure nothing looks out of place and give it a bit of clean as well.
  8. Fitted new pads to the front and will be fitting new rear pads and doing oil and filter change. Then a clean inside and out.
  9. that is well worth have a big look at.
  10. To buy a 500GB and then 1 TB sounds a better option. Then would it be better to go new or second hand console
  11. Thinking of upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Thinking of either getting 500GB or 1TB. Any advice would be good.
  12. Will need to change pads front and rear for my outback. Does alanpriceautos007 do parts for 2011 models. Its a 2.0D. Just wondering.
  13. Well finally got to take some picture. Here is my 2011 2.0D Outback. Thought it best to give her a wash before hand.
  14. Can you use red rubber grease on the slider pins. Was hoping to do a bit of TLC to brakes just to make sure all is ok