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  1. I use the Crossclimate and have to say they are excellent. Mine came out at £110 each, booked online at Kwikfit, plus I made the purchase via a cashback site and got £14.81 cashback. Great tire and I sling my car around the Lake District at a rare old pace. Like the proverbial to a blanket
  2. Thanks everyone for this As time permits with work), I'll look in to this and report back
  3. This is the radio unit type With no AUX setting that I can see I'm unsure where I would stand with a BT unit And also not sure where to start to replace the unit?
  4. On a 55 plate 2006 forester 2l petrol With factory unit 6cd changer type But it doesn't have mp3 compatibility or aux option? Someone suggested the possibility of adding a Bluetooth dongle to the rear of the existing unit ! Is this an option? Or is it possible to buy replacement stereo units with all the functions of our modern life?
  5. OK Long story. I went to TEG Motorsport in Carnforth. I live near them. I had to wait for the missing to be present and it be convenient for me and them to take a look. All this happened recently and they plugged in. Nothing was showing faulty but they could see the issue presenting itself on the diagnostic during a test drive. Their experience put it down to the Knock Sensor. This was replaced and has greatly improved the problem. Virtually no miss at all, just very occasionally a very slight hiccup on very slight throttle only.
  6. Thanks I'm planning on doing this, but it may be a time before I get to it.
  7. Agreed We had a great time, friends in a 147 Alfa tailing us through some thick snow in Perthshire
  8. Thanks Yes, the Lakes is fantastic for sure.
  9. Plugs look good TBH, we did check. We thought they might have been missed because they are a little awkward to do. But my Son was thinking coil leads too Good call I reckon Thanks
  10. Greetings all I acquired a Forester in December and whilst I do currently have a slight issue, I'm loving the car. I live in the Lake District Just trailed a path to the North of Scotland through some heavy snow, hence the blotted out number plate in my profile pic :-)
  11. I have a 2005/6 2l Petrol I can't establish a pattern of any kind to this. The problem is: Feels like a misfire, but it's only evident on load and with mid range throttle You can drive the car carefully on low throttle (so long as there are no steep inclines to overcome) and it would be difficult to notice a problem You can floor the throttle past the mid range and it may cough a splutter, particularly if the revs are a little low, but it will rev through the splutter and go... Tell you what it reminds me of is: When in the old days, when damp used to be an issue on the HT leads and it would be earthing out to the engine block But basically it idles nicely and there is no management light on It's been on a diagnostic but at the time it was running normally. And of course nothing was showing as an issue. I just did 1200 miles to the very North of Scotland and back home to the Lake District, it was perfect all that time, then suddenly after a brief stopp, the problem started. Was like that for a couple of days covering maybe 150 miles and then it's gone again. Suggestions welcome. Thanks
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