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  1. No power lines, and the nearest mobile phone transmitter is a good distance away. Just to clear up, do I need to get someone to recover it on a flat bed or can I tow using another car?
  2. ok, so that didn't work. If I have to tow it somewhere I can do it as long as I keep all four wheels on the ground? I think that's right. Or does anyone know a decent auto elec. in the TA6 Somerset postcode?
  3. The ignition lights do not come on. I have tried the fob with the ignition on. Don't know the pin for the key pad. If the immobiliser is activated does that stop the dash lights coming on?
  4. They suggested Halfords:/ they couldn't even fit a new headlamp bulb to a colleagues car the other day!!!!
  5. That is what I'm going to do.... Just need to find someone who will deal with the warranty company. I was hoping for an 'easy' reset or fix. When I find out what it is I will post it here
  6. I thought that, but talking to a dealer he didn't really mention that. It did come with a warranty but the local auto elec experts don't want to deal with the insurance company. They could only give me the name of two others in my area, one of which I would never go to and the other I'm a bit dubious about. It's all a bit !Removed! really:(
  7. And now I've even replaced the battery, still the same...
  8. I should also add that I have tried charging the battery.
  9. It's a 55 plate. It did seem to go through the start up thing the first day, all the clicks and everything. Now it does not do that, no lights on the the dash the immobiliser light comes on and the clock etc but the battery, oil pressure lights etc do not.
  10. Hi, I have recently purchased a WRX after so many years wanting one. I went to start it during the week after about a week of it being idle. The doors would open using the fob but when I turned the key it would not turn over, however the ignition lights were all on. I had to get to work so I left it as it was. The following day I tried to jump start it using my wife's car but nothing. Now the ignition lights do not come on at all but the alarm and doors etc all seem to be working ok has anyone else come across this before? Could it be the battery? Also when I disconnected the battery the alarm went off even though I had disarmed it. Can anyone help? All the fuses check out okay.
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