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  1. I too have a boot leak problem and it’s driving me insane. The rubber seal is new and there is not leak from the spoiler. I have attached where water seems to be coming in from. Inhave noticed the seatbelt in the rear is also sometimes damp... where is the water getting in?
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Yes all were genuine parts. Going into motex aka japmad and asking for fluid with my Reg I assume it's the right grade? Would a slow puncture affect the steering? (Not being a bimbo) if it carries on it will be a red bull can 😂
  3. Hi. My Subaru has had some issues with steering. We've had wheel alignment done. New pump. fluid level is fine (not that silly not to check) new steering rack changed the cooler pipe (the pipe that runs by the rad) because it had burst. After each of these things were changed it was fine then back to square one. The car has an attitude problem but it's becoming a nuisance Its now only 'heavy' while its cold then goes light steering. But then feels as though at any point the steering could go heavy. What else could this be as so many people that 'own' a Subaru think they know everything and it's kind of frustrating!! Some advice would be really appreciated cheers 🙂