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  1. Sounds like it'll be a good laugh. It's about time I took the Cossie to one of these :). Will meet at Pease Pottage also
  2. Happy Birthday elspiko!

  3. That's the hope. No I didn't check, but I'll ask today, cheers for the advice
  4. Put a diag tool on it and it looks like it's a dud battery, I'll be looking forward to a very apologetic phone call tomorrow!! @salsa-king it's number 48 :)
  5. No, but that's what I've resorted to; minus the stereo obviously, interspersed with sobbing and rocking backwards and forwards muttering "it's ok, it's just sleeping, tired car, will wake up soon, yes, wake up soon"
  6. *in big brother narrator voice* day 3 and the cossie has a flat battery, Rich is not a happy bunny
  7. Just kidding! http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/gallery/album/135-cossieeeeeee/ Luckily I took some yesterday, the heavens have opened but I'll post more once I can be all arty and ****
  8. Well, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't buckle to tantrums, so I'm just going to let Jonny trash it out....I hope he doesn't ruin it for the rest of you
  9. Well gents, the beast is now in my possession, finally!! Just a small 4 hour drive home and I'll wang some pics up; as promised, later today or tomorrow :)
  10. The old girl has just been sold so the new arrival will here on Saturday! Looks like I won't be heading your way, sorry Gambit
  11. Cheers dude. The finance has gone through (thankfully) so I just need to shift the WRX. Help me sell it and perhaps I'll swing by after picking it up. Hows that for an incentive ;)
  12. For Sale: 2003 (Blobeye) Subaru Impreza WRX SL, just under 70k miles with almost perfect service history. 12 mth MOT & 6 mth Tax. Full leather interior, heated front seats, sunroof, electric mirrors and windows. It had a replacement allow & front tyres last month and a new steering rack in Apr 2013. It went to ScoobyWorld in Nov 2012 and had their WRX performance pack put on with included: decat up and down pipes and EcuTek ECU re-map, so it produces around 260BHP but I was never given a readout. Whilst it was there it also had its cambelt replaced at 58k miles. I replaced the standard dump valve to an HKS atmospheric dump value which gives a really great sound and it also has a Tracker fitted which brings insurance down - always a bonus! There are; thanks to some lovely individuals in various car parks, a few scrapes on the bumpers and one little dent in the rear offside door which very slightly spoils an otherwise great little car. I'm asking £4,295 o.n.o, please come and have a look and make me an offer as its a great car and will be sad to see it go. I'm also selling some pink injectors that came off an 04 STI for £120 o.n.o if anyones interested
  13. Have put a holding fee, but need to sell mine first before I can pick it up. I'll post pics as soon as I get it home, it'll be a couple of weeks yet but they'll be here, I promise!!
  14. Thanks Jay, that's good to know. Although I only put v-power, I'll have to make sure the garage put the same in given it's a 400 mile round trip to go pick it up.....as I bought it!! It was probably the most fun I've had in a car, and I've been "lucky" enough to drive a lot of Porsches through work and they don't come close! Just need to sell mine and I'll post pics!!