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  1. More Power?

    cheers Dug, i've got the Diesel too. Where did you get that done? Any mpg changes?
  2. More Power?

    i know we don't buy an XV with the intention of tuning it up and general max powering, but ... has anyone done any power improvement ? chipping, etc...
  3. Ice on inside of windscreen!

    So i bought one of those de-humidifiers from halfrauds and it works a treat. Snow on the windscreen this morning, absolutely clear inside. Very impressed.
  4. Ice on inside of windscreen!

    glad to hear its not just mine then. cheers. moisture trap?
  5. Does anyone else get it? took me longer to clean the inside of the windscreen than the outside of the car this morning.
  6. What did you do to your XV today???

    you should have a control stork at about 8 o'clock off your steering wheel. Pull the up/down arrows to change that display.
  7. Sevice Prices

    Was told it'll be £234.56 for service and MoT inc VAT. Quite pleased with that!
  8. Sevice Prices

    So my XV is going for MOT and its 5th service at the weekend. Its going to a legit Subaru dealer. What sort of prices would you guys be expecting?
  9. I had the same warning flash up yesterday! It hadn't happened before, or since. I put it down to starting and switching off the engine for very short periods while i was getting the car washed - interrupting the boot up sequence maybes..
  10. XV MPG

    Does a light come on the dash when a DPF regen is in progress?
  11. bumper protecter?

    mine has now been delivered. fitting instructions say not to do unless the temperature is between 20 and 35 !! i could be waiting a long time for that up here!
  12. new owner here!

    2 months into ownership and I finally saw another XV on the road yesterday! Got to admit to liking the exclusivity of these things.
  13. bumper protecter?

    genuine subaru one ordered, will update with a pic when fitted.
  14. bumper protecter?

    so whats the feeling on bumper protecters? yes or no? black, clear or steel? the pic is back of my xv, officially its green...
  15. new owner here!

    cheers, i really should open my eyes!