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    I am an enthusiast of many Japanese automobiles and the performance and histories surrounding them, I take great pride in my cars making sure to keep them in the finest condition possible while also enjoying what they were meant for.
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    2003 Bugeye Subaru wrx

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  1. Money isn't really an issue, just wanting a good job done, will look into it, cheers.
  2. Recently I have just taken my 2003 bugeye subaru to a subaru specialist and he checked over the full car, he said even though the car is mechanically in great condition and looks good, I have rust issues with both sills, inner rear arches, and outer rear arches (only exterior evidence is bubbling paint) and should be replaced in the near future, I can acquire the sills and rear arch panels, but I need someone who would be genuinely willing to work on the car, i live in east ayrshire in Scotland, and if anyone could recommend me a specific body shop or person it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone I recently joined the subaru owners club, and just wanted to share some of the specs of my car aswell as plans I have for the near future. So I recently became the owner of my now pride and joy 2003 ej20 subaru wrx bug eye at 17 years old, it it is currently equipped with a a full set of original prodrive wheels, a prodrive rear spoiler (dont know if she was a prodrive from factory because I dont have the ppp certificate), an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust system (which I must say sounds lovely), aftermarket front grill and an aftermarket bonnet scoop , and a few other small bits and pieces but besides that she is relatively stock. I plan on changing the front headlights to prodrive headlights aswell as paint the front grill black, do the dom mod to it, aswell as get a killer B oil pickup, I then want to upgrade to pink sti injectors aswell as an uprated fuel pump, install a BOV and get her remapped to a safe but fun 280whp, and then see where I can go from there with her, any recommendations would be much appreciated and any comment on the blue lady (reference to jim Morrisons gt500) is welcome, thanks.