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  1. Really so coolant does not only go in here it goes in there as well, so I I flush the coolant, I need to refill that part show in 1st pictures as well as the main coolant tank show here
  2. When I change the oil in my car do I have to put oil in here in this second section also, as well as obviously in the main area on the other side where oil always goes, and if so how much oil do i need to put in there?
  3. I would not use lowering springs, I brought a exact same car (WRX-S) on the cheap not long back because it was on some cheap lowering springs, I had to restore the enter suspension because all the bushes where destroyed, wishbone arms, drop link, rear frame bushes, the lot, the only thing savable where the top mounts and dampers. What you want are the standard Kilen springs or the LESJÖFORS spring, these 2 brands are the exact same company based in sweden, same company has the 2 different trading names throughout different parts of the world, but they are exact the same made by the same people at the same place, when I was shopping around for a full set of spring it was actually cheaper to import the LESJÖFORS springs from abroad that to by under the UK trading name of Kilen. Another thing, with having the WRX-S, some car part providers are mistaking this for the STI when purchasing parts online, STI springs wont fit your WRX-S, if it fits the STI then it wont fit the WRX-S even if the sellers specs says it does, Eibach springs are been advertised by places like "europarts" and "buycarparts" as compatible with the WRX-S when there not, I know for a fact because I originally purchased the "Eibach Pro" springs set only to discover they dont fit after lifting the car and dropping the dampers ready to change the springs, the springs are 2 short and dont even need to be compressed to go on the damper, what you end up with is a loose spring sitting in your damper doing nothing but shake around loosely, the STI must have different dampers a smaller spring area than the WRX-S there is no way any spring from or compatible with an STI will fit. But anyway the Kilen / LESJÖFORS springs are the way to go, my car drive tons better now it has the OE springs than it did with the lowering spring which did nothing other than wreck the rest of the suspension.
  4. Am just looking to replace my standard OE Panal filter with a higher airflow option, am stuck between choosing the K&N or the Cosworth filter. Cosworth been the cheaper option at around £35, the K&N costing £55 Dont mind spending the extra £20 if I am getting something even just slightly better for the extra (even just a tiny bit better), but also dont want to waste my money and just go for the more expensive option to then learn that the Cosworth one is just as good or even better than the K&N Does anyone know or have some kind of educated reason as which filter is better performance wise?
  5. Nice one never realised that, I looked for some way to switch readouts when I first purchased but without any luck, I just thought maybe it just gives an average reading based on a set number of previous miles, will have to reset and recheck, am probably getting much better than 20.1 after all, car had alignment, suspension and tyre issues when purchased, god knows when it was last reset so probably getting bad feedback from 100's of miles of irrelevant data from when been drove in bad condition by previous owner.
  6. Is there a way to adjust the reading given in the centre console for looking at current journeys etc, because the figure I get shown is just stuck on the one setting showing "Average MPG" am not sure how far back its going even to give me that reading, when I purchased the car a month ago it was always showing 19.8, but after servicing and a few other job, its moved up to 20.1, but in the 1.5 months I have own the car the reading has only changed the once, if there is a reset switch even that would be helpful to know.
  7. Am interested to see how many to see how many miles per gallon other are getting out of there Subaru, I feel it will make for a good comparison resource to help identify some issues of people can list there year and model, and make note of any mods which maybe relevant and give back there average MPG readings. Year: 2009 Model: Impreza WRX-S Hatchback MODS: Cat Back Quad Exit Exhaust System / Mapped? (unknown) / intake system standard / No other currently known mods. MPG: 20.1 (as per screen read out on centre dash console) "seems low to me, am not not sure though? makes me think maybe there is some fault in the fuel regulation system or injectors, any feedback would be helpful"
  8. Today I feel good because the Work I have done over the last 1.5 months to my new Scooby is finally 100% complete. When I first picked my new 2009 WRX-S up it was in serious need, had 40mm lowing springs on it, which had in turn damaged the lower arm bushes on the front wishbone, it was wearing cheap rubber on all 4 corners front 2 tyres where not even MOT worthy with a bulge in one and wearing thin on the inside of another (obvious tracking issues), result was handling was all wrong horrible to drive. The only positives where the Engine was good with low miles, cam-belt was only 20,000 miles (4 years old) with evidence, service book was better than 100% but due again straight away, and it had good bodywork. To get it right its took the following over the last month 1. Major Service, including Spark Plugs, DIff and Gear box Oil, Break fluid and coolant. 2. Complete Suspension refurbish, new springs, drop links, wishbones all round, everything back to original OEM standard. 3. Full set of new tyres (Good Year Eagle 1). During tyre change 1 wheel was found to be cracked on the inside rim and buckled. 4. Full wheel powder coating refurbishment on all wheels, including welding and unbuckling of broken wheel. 5. Tracking alignment finalisation, taking advantage of a 2 year tracking alignment care plan offered by Kwick-Fit when purchasing the tyres. And today FINALLY have finished it off with a full on "Clay Bar" wash, polish and Wax using the finest Meguiars cleaning products on the market. End result is driving now feels perfect, looks right, sounds right, handles right, drives right, so am just patting myself on the back for a job well done and enjoying my car.
  9. I painted my wheels Gold as per the Colin McRae given right of every Subaru owner. Its like it was always suppose to be 🙂 BEFORE >>>> AFTER >>>
  10. not so much the mods but the maintenance never ends, messes with me like OCD style not to maintain the car, will me serviced twice a year (approx every 3000 miles), will always have all minors quickly resolved, as far as modding, the car has some already, has less now since it was lowered when purchased have changed that back to standard springs which feels loads better to drive, I would strongly advise against anyone lowering a scooby. Rest of the suspension was not as bad as I though when I purchased with it been lowered, was really only the front end rear arm bushes that where damaged and in need of been replaced, so changed the full wishbones on both sides, did all the drop links as well even though they where not too bad, front ones where a little worn but back end was all in good condition, but so cheap to do all drop links since I wanted to do the front anyway figured I would just do them all. everything else was sound. Did the spark plugs and while we had the battery and air box out we checked the cam belt since it was easier to get to, cam belt was good so that good to know even though I have paperwork showing it was done 4 years (20,000 miles) ago, will leave cam-belt for least another year before I have another look. Overall body work is great, engine is sound and now the suspension is and all work is sorted, had budgeted up to £2000 to get it right as I knew it needed work and was due a major service when I brought it, but price I got it for I knew if I could get all the work done for less than £2000 then it was a fair price, figured under £1500 worth of work and I had a bargain, so really happy with coming in at £1200
  11. 4 weeks in, have restored all the suspension, major service all advisory defects now done, 4 new tyres (done away with the cheap rubber which was on), finally around £1200 later, scooby is perfect and I am happy. next up 2 more minor changes am going to make, am looking into having the headlights restored and then finally last but no least, am booking in for full restoration of the wheels and painted gold.
  12. Nice scooby btw, was the Porsche a boxer by chance, boxers a joke, but tbh any Porsche with GT at the end of the name, 911 GT, Carrera GT, then the Porsche is no joke you would be facing a real supercar.
  13. Un-lowered it back to standard springs, had it 3 weeks now was lowered when I purchased it, is my second scooby and the drive never felt right on the cheap lowering springs someone put on it, but its now set back to standard OEM Kilen Springs, has had new front lower wishbone arms because the inside bushes where f~#ed thanks to the lowering, had new drop links all round front and back, and added a front strut brace. 5 Hours work total to complete all fittings, was able to supply all parts myself for around £350. All in all, 5 hours fitting cost only £200 cos I have a mate who is a pro mechanic was able to use the lift where he works after hours this evening. Is booked in at quick-ft tomorrow for 4 new tyres, Goodyear Eagle F1 all round to replace the cheap rubber that was on when I purchased, and going to get the alignment sorted, so am really looking forward to that Tyres come in at £364 purchased online but thanks to a quick fit offer am going to get a £60 love2shop voucher back so only cost £300 really. All in all just under £1000 spend, car was £1500 cheaper than anything else the same similar I have seen, in fact mine as 20,000 less miles on clock than anything else the same have seen for £1500 more, so am really happy with the end result, engine is perfect had a major service day after i purchased it to get it back up to FSH, has never missed a service in fact has been over serviced but was due when I purchased so sorted that out straight away including gear and diff oil, spark plugs and break fluid flush. I though I was going to have to do the cam-belt on purchase however got lucky when going through the paperwork was done 20,000 miles back 4 years ago, so good there for a few more years still, did the ancillary belt and the air-con belt though when we did the service, service did cost another £320 but I would have done that to any scooby I just purchased due or not. This my second scooby and I am a scoobys best friend, its going to be serviced twice a year at a top quality garage where I have goods friends that work, its going to only do around 6k per year, so serviced every 3,000 miles, love your scooby and it always loves you back 🙂
  14. TBH, the WRX is not a cheap run around car, its super high maintenance, realistically the second you buy it you need another £1000+ spare to get it in for a major service, the cambelt at that age is going to be due its second change unless you have proof its been done recently, thats another £500 right there. Not saying its not worth is, because £1500 is still a good price, am just saying its going need more spending on it straight away, instantly assuming there is noting wrong with it its going to cost £800 for the Major Service with Cambelt, then its very likely going to cost another £500 - £1000 sorting out any issues found on the service, more if the tyres need changing. The WRX is a great car but it does demand looking after. I would seriously ask yourself before buying how many miles a year you are going to be needing it for, because honestly as much as I love the car, I would have one if I was doing a high number of miles every year, I do around 6,000 per year and have it serviced twice a year, if get a Major Service every time it has its MOT and and interim Service between after 6 months which for me is only around 3,000 miles, plus I deal with all minor defects found on every service. A least that what I did with my last WRX, I am on my second one now which I purchased though a back street used car garage, would not go as far as calling them dodgy but the type of place thats hit and miss, they put a years MOT on before I purchased, I have no complaints because I knew what I was getting in for, but I have already spend near £1000 getting that car right and its going to cost me another £700 before I finish Fact is despite it just having passed MOT days before, instantly took it for a Major Service, I have taken a picture of the service sheet I got back from Halfords, although I dont need Halfords to do the work I like them to do Services in my experience they always give 100% honest reliable feedback from there services. After paying for the service, its basically cost me another £420 to pick up all the parts, its going to cost me another £200 for the help I need to fit them, and thats because a good friend of mine is a professional mechanic, he is going to help me out this weekend to do all the work. But to be paying any honest garage, its basically 1.5 hours work each corner of the car (6 hours total) plus an hour for the spark plugs and belt, so 7 to 8 hours work at £50 per hour, you would be looking around £400 in labour maybe more. Then after all that, one of my tyres is completely fk'ed, the one thing about the car I was very unhappy to see got put though the MOT, has a massive bulge in it waiting to to go pop, the rest are road legal but the entire car is wearing cheap rubber so wont be feeling bad when all the suspension work is complete for giving it 4 new tyre, which is going to be another £420 plus tracking. Am lucky in the fact mine is not due for a cambelt for a while because I have evidence it was done back in 2014 and is just less than 20,000 miles old. But this is the real cost of running a Scooby, but treat it right and it will treat you right as well, best cars out there and worth every penny imo.